According to my investigation by Brother Cui in North America: What products are exported is not as cost-effective as exporting to the Chinese!

First of all, the Chinese like to take root, no matter where they are exported, they can make money wherever they are. After a few years, they will be better than their own people, and then they will return to their roots. In other words, the Chinese are basically unable to feed themselves. No matter how good foreign countries are to them, when you touch your chest, there will always be a Chinese heart in it that no one can understand.

Any product exported may be said to be counterfeit or counterfeit, but the Chinese people are not afraid of exporting, and they are absolutely original.

According to my investigation by Brother Cui in North America, only China can create the Chinese race. It is characterized by hard work and hard work, extremely smart, loves to make money and does not love to donate money, is forced to roar when it is most dangerous, jealous of people who mix well, sympathizes with people who are about to die, and is particularly lenient to foreigners. One's own strict requirements, referred to as "strike hard..."

Generally speaking, the Chinese people think of bad ideas that no ethnic group can think of. For example, eating with two wooden sticks, stewing the feet of all animals and pepper aniseed together, it is difficult to design their own words into many strokes. Children in elementary school built an invisible brick wall along the door of their house, named the Great Wall...In short, many of the Chinese inventions were fed up.

According to my investigation by North American Cui Ge: Any product exported may have defective products, but Chinese people do not have to worry about it.

The Chinese who tasted again became genuine as soon as they were exported abroad. They became civilized and gentleman, like a foreigner. When they saw strangers on the street, they smiled and gave a tip when they ate a bowl of fried noodles. Speaking quietly in public, and vomiting embarrassed after coughing up sputum, and emboldening myself without ganging up when crossing the road. In short, the defective products among the Chinese are really cost-effective after being remodeled abroad and returning to their roots. Thinking of it, I often wake up at night.

Exporting any product can only earn money once, while exporting Chinese people can get many returns.

All Chinese who export their mouths, whether they are good or bad in foreign countries, like to return home frequently. After returning home, whether it is to invest in a business or to provide a mistress to raise a junior, in short, all the money is spent on his own people, and all the fertilizers are poured on the fields that his family hopes. These patriots who eat inside and outside include: Li Zhengdao, Yang Zhenning, Chen Jingrun and so on.

Exporting products is just for making money, while exporting to the Chinese people at the same time exporting Chinese culture and values. For example, under the influence of the Chinese, Americans also began to block their teeth when picking their teeth; when others poured coffee, they also knew to tap the table with their fingers. The foreigners have become more and more like the Chinese, making people less enthusiastic about foreigners.

According to my observation of Brother Cui in North America, wherever the Chinese go, they send small gifts of no value. Over time, foreigners feel that it is normal to give gifts, and it is utterly conscience not to give gifts. Therefore, many foreigners Unknowingly, they become ignorant people.

Today's China is not short of money, and it is not guilty of painstakingly producing products, consuming its own resources, destroying its own environment, and earning some foreign exchange for export.

Facts have proved that exporting products is a manifestation of serious lack of mind, while exporting Chinese talents is a country where people can be attacked and driven without war.

A month ago, American radio interviewed me: Brother Sway (Cui Ge in North America), do you think that so many Chinese go to the United States, and they will return to China after they have completed their studies. If this continues, how long do you expect China to catch up or surpass America?

My answer from Brother Choi in North America:

The Chinese have no intention of catching up or surpassing the United States.

The Chinese just want to turn the United States into China.

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