1. The cause of Occupy Central is essentially not a pan-democratic or institutional dispute, but a blind movement of almost all classes in Hong Kong, so it is basically a mass death movement;

2. The basis on which the Occupy Central relies, whether it is the analysis of the British and American intelligence agencies, or the pan-civilian, and the establishment, is fundamentally wrong, so this campaign will definitely not achieve any goal;

3. The Occupy Central Movement is actually a double reed movement between the pan-people and Hong Kong administrative officials. The purpose is to put pressure on the mainland. They have the motivation to fight for power, but there is no difference in essence;

4, The mainland’s victory without a move is a coup. It completely exceeded the expectations of all classes in Hong Kong and the British and American intelligence agencies. It made them embarrassed. So now the entire Occupy Central movement has become a shameless sword.;

5. At the beginning, the mainland was a bit tricky to Occupy Central, but with the development of the situation, I suddenly found that Occupy Central was greatly beneficial to itself, so now I have implemented the practice of recklessness without any action at all. I hope that Hong Kong will be chaotic again. Go down.

6. No matter how the Occupy Central ends this time, Hong Kong will sink. The mainland has become the most profitable party.
XNUMX. The cause of Hong Kong's one country, two systems

This is not to discuss the complicated negotiation process of "one country, two systems". It was negotiated in the 80s to allow Hong Kong to return smoothly, to set an example for Taiwan, and to give the mainland a window of reform and opening up. Therefore, in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the Chinese side The concessions are large.

It now appears that some concessions happened to be-Hong Kong’s failure to pass Article 23 was the reason for the flurry of demons in the Occupy Central, Hong Kong media and education circles.

However, you should know that the mainland's national power was very weak at that time, so some policies are understandable.

17. Why does the mainland insist on the XNUMX-year universal suffrage plan

As the mainland's national strength has grown, from a few in the world to second place, China's national policy has actually changed.

This can be seen from keeping a low profile—harmony—the Chinese dream.

If you don't evaluate the previous national policy, just say what is the Chinese dream! In the final analysis, it is to establish the hegemony status of the second largest country relative to the national power. That's right, he is the overlord!

But the mainland's diplomacy, military, one country, two systems, ethnic policy, economy, etc. all have many strategic adjustments. There are also some confusions and disputes in the theoretical circles and the government on the mainland. So it caused a certain aspect of chaos, making it difficult for outsiders to see clearly. But the general trend will not change because of the outside world.

And what is the actual situation in Hong Kong?

Because Hong Kong has followed the British political system, it is also about the separation of powers. But the legal profession, because there are a large number of foreign judges and their protégés, the entire legal profession has actually been controlled by foreign forces, or Hong Kong independent forces.

As for the Legislative Council, because Hong Kong has millions of dual nationals, the members elected by these people are likely to control the entire Legislative Council. Then only the Chief Executive is left. Since Article 23 has not been passed, if a Chief Executive who agrees to independence is elected, he declares independence or does not unify? What should the mainland do?

Therefore, the 17-year universal suffrage in the mainland is the final bottom line and must not be compromised. Only by controlling the candidates for the Chief Executive can we keep the last corner of the separation of powers.

XNUMX. What's wrong with Hong Kong's economy?

Do not discuss specific examples, only the essential reasons.

First, the rapid rise of the mainland has created a huge psychological gap among the people of all walks of life in Hong Kong.

At the time of the "Joint Statement", perhaps China and Britain, and even the local people in Hong Kong, did not anticipate that the mainland would take off so fast after only 17 years of the reunification. They originally thought that with Hong Kong's role as a window to reform and opening up, dividends could eat up to several generations, and noble Hong Kong compatriots could live a lifetime. Unexpectedly, only 17 years!

Specific examples: I won’t say much about Shuangfei, milk powder, and locusts. Anyway, the whole Hong Kong society is totally out of balance. The second is the extremely incompetent Hong Kong chief executives.

Don't talk about an efficient civil service system. Just look at the film and television industry. A film and television base ranked second and third in the world, backed by the mainland market, collapsed. But the mainland is now rampant.

Therefore, Hong Kong's administrative officials and civil servants may be good executives, but the level of decision-making, in terms of slaps, is not as good as the mayors and even the county heads of prefecture-level cities in the mainland. Maybe I can speak a few more Cantonese and foreign languages.

Finally, the local people in Hong Kong have no confidence in developing Hong Kong.

Obviously, most people in Hong Kong have foreign nationalities. How can they work hard when they have a way out? What's more ridiculous is that these people have brought hundreds of billions and trillions of funds from Hong Kong to foreign countries for immigration purposes. Purchase real estate. Without funds, Hong Kong still needs to be a financial center. Isn’t this a joke?

XNUMX. Regarding the decisions made by the British and American intelligence agencies and the pan-civilization and establishment of Hong Kong during the Occupy Central

They believe that Hong Kong is setting an example for Taiwan's one country, two systems, so if Hong Kong is messed up, it can hit the mainland in the face. This is correct.

They also believe that if Hong Kong is a window to the mainland, if Hong Kong is chaotic, then the mainland's economy will be greatly affected, or even collapse, so the mainland will be anxious.

And this is absolutely wrong, it is the experience of 20 years ago used here. The mainland has developed to this day. In fact, Hong Kong is not needed much anymore. It is just for the example of one country, two systems. Instead, it is transfusing blood to Hong Kong to maintain Hong Kong's status. So we can see that a few days ago, the BBC had thrown out training thousands of people to disrupt Hong Kong. Is it true that the BBC is an insider? In fact, the British and American intelligence agencies knew that they were wrong and they were unwilling to spend any more funds. !

Five, the gains and losses of the mainland

At the beginning of Occupy Central, the mainland was embarrassed. Because it loses face. But now that the face is gone, the interests must be considered.

It just so happens that Hong Kong is in chaos. Anyway, the mainland just has an excuse to stop blood transfusion, and it just has an excuse to stop maintaining Hong Kong's status. Anyway, it is your own mess. Moreover, Hong Kong does not pay taxes, and does not have an important research system, factories, and industries. It is not afraid of any losses at all. Are you afraid that you can't open Disneyland?

This understands why the mainland has no move to win. They are like watching a clown, watching you sing double reeds and playing by yourself.

XNUMX. Hong Kong future forecast

This time the various classes in Hong Kong let the mainland lose face, so don't blame the mainland for not giving face to all classes in Hong Kong in the future. Sink yourself down! And now the pan-people and the establishment are too embarrassing, and they have been abandoned by the British and American masters. In order to maintain morale, they kept raising conditions, hoping that the mainland would give them something. In this way they can declare "victory" to the outside world in an attempt to make a comeback in the future.

But... watch it! Do dream fart eaters.The mainland is now snickering and shaking off the burden of Hong Kong. More and more profitable. And let people in the country see through these ugly faces of Western democracy. The mainland is now when you don’t exist, what will you do? Pan-people and the establishment have stirred up extremists, and now they want them to stop, and they can’t do it. What should you do?

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