The CCP's overseas fox hunting operation jointly initiated by China and Australia is in full swing. In recent days, the Australian Federal Police has visited the former high-ranking power system official and the son of the former Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Gao Yan to investigate the company's premises in Australia. Earlier, some analysts said that if Gao Yan was extradited back to China, it might trigger a new round of storms in China's officialdom.

In the past few weeks, the Australian Federal Police has made several investigations in Port Piermont, the company registration site of Gaoxinyuan. Gao Xinyuan is the son of Gao Yan, the former secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee who fled to Australia. It has been rumored that Gao Yan is the first of the seven on the fox hunting list.

According to sources, the Australian Federal Police has launched an investigation into the property of Gao Yan’s son Gao Xinyuan in Australia. This has greatly raised the outside world's speculation that China and Australia jointly pursue the assets of corrupt overseas officials and that high-severe families are on the target list.

In 2004, the Wuhan Intermediate Court sentenced Gao Xinyuan, the former general manager of Shanghai Guodian Investment Corporation, to five years in prison for the crime of bribery. According to documents from the Australian corporate regulator, Gao Xinyuan was previously a shareholder and director of two companies in Sydney. One company is Jutan Development, which was incorporated in 1997, and the other is Yutan Property, a real estate company established in 1999, dedicated to the development of a small area of ​​land worth 180 million US dollars. The company was later renamed Grandeur Estate

According to reports, although the Australian Federal Police did not respond positively to the question on whether Gao Yan is pursuing corrupt officials. However, members from the police station admitted in the past few weeks that the police had visited the Pyrmont apartment complex where Gao Xinyuan registered in 1997 and 1998.

According to reports, after graduating from Peking University, Gao Xinyuan came to Australia in the second half of 1996. After staying in Australia for a year, he returned to China and established a series of business contacts with his father’s company, the former National Power Company. In May 2002, Gao Xinyuan returned to Australia. Only about two months later, his father Gao Yan was investigated by Chinese officials for corruption. In September, the media reported that Gao Yan had fled to Australia with a huge sum of money. Gao Xinyuan returned to China in October of the same year and was eventually accused of corruption.

Gao Yan, 71, served as secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee in 1995 and general manager of the State Power Corporation in 1997. There are reports that Gao Yan's extradited to return to China may cause a new storm in China's officialdom. Gao Yan is the main executive of the State Power Corporation. If Gao Yan is successfully extradited back to China, it may be the beginning of another group of tigers entering the cage.

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