1. Team first, product second

What are the most important factors for entrepreneurial success?

The most important thing is the team, followed by the product. Only a good team can make a good product.

Facing our start-up company, some interview candidates still hesitate. What should we do at this time?

Mr. Lei and our founder team took turns to have interviews, many of which lasted for nearly 10 hours. The first interview of the person in charge of the hardware structure engineering of Xiaomi mobile phone was in the head office of Lei. From 1 o’clock noon, after 4 hours of chatting, he couldn’t hold back and went to the bathroom. When he came back, Mr. Lei said that I had a meal. Let’s Keep talking. Later, when we talked until 11 o'clock in the evening, he finally agreed to join Xiaomi. Afterwards, he half-joked himself: Hurry up and agree, not because he was so excited, but because he was exhausted.


2. One of the most important jobs of a founder is to find someone

In the first year of Xiaomi's establishment, Lei spent most of his time looking for someone!

Among them, it took the most time to build the hardware team. Because the few founders we just started are from the Internet industry, they don't understand hardware and don't have enough contacts in hardware. Before meeting Dr. Zhou Guangping, the current co-founder of hardware for the first time, we had talked with several candidates for more than two months, and progress was very slow. Some people even found "agents" to talk to us. The conditions are not only high options but also better benefits than the current big companies. Once we talked about it in the early hours of the morning, Mr. Lei, Lin Bin (co-founder, president) and I felt that they were about to collapse.

3. Partner system: 8 partners with different sides

Entrepreneurship is actually a high-risk choice. Everyone sees that a large number of successful startups have fallen behind. Many of today's successful companies have gone through nine deaths. Take Alibaba, for example. Jack Ma led the team to do the China Yellow Pages in 1995, but failed! Then in 1997 to do the online Chinese commodity trading market, it was the prototype of Alibaba, but it failed! Alibaba’s business empire today, everyone sees Taobao, Alipay and Star products such as Tmall are actually the most valuable team behind them, especially Jack Ma and his 18 co-founders.

The boss is responsible for setting up the entire team. Today, Xiaomi’s partner team is in charge of each other. If there is nothing to do, they basically don’t know what each other is doing, and they don’t care about each other. Everyone has the final say on their own affairs, which ensures that the whole decision-making is very, very fast.

Note: Xu Xiaoping, the founder of Zhen Fund, emphasized the importance of partners in a recent speech. He said that “the importance of partners is more important than business models and industry choices, and more important than whether you are in the limelight.” Lei Junzeng I have carefully considered Alibaba's more than ten years of entrepreneurial history, including Alibaba's team. Alibaba's partnership system is also specifically mentioned in Li Wanqiang's book, which must have a deep impact on Lei Jun. The importance of partners to Xiaomi can be found in Li Wanqiang's "Sense of Participation" as one of the partners and Xiaomi's opponents.

4. Use the best people: a reliable engineer can top 100

In terms of employee recruitment, our approach is to use the best people. I have always believed that R&D itself is very creative. If people are not relaxed or smart enough, it will be difficult to do well. You have to find the best people. A good engineer is not the top 10, but the top 100. Therefore, among the core engineers, everyone must not hesitate to find them at all costs, and don't want to be lazy and just use the method of training college students to do it. The best person himself has a strong driving force. As long as you put him on the things he likes and let him have a playful mentality, he can really do something, impress himself, and impress others. So you saw many of our engineers today, who are playing and innovating.

I was shocked when I saw Jobs’s words: “I used to think that a good person can top two mediocre employees. Now I think it can top 50. I spend about a quarter of my time recruiting talents. "It is said that Jobs has participated in the recruitment of more than 5000 people in his life, and the formation of an "A-level team" composed of first-class designers, engineers and managers has always been the core job of Jobs.

5. Find the most suitable person: have an entrepreneurial mentality

Four years after the establishment of Xiaomi, our market value was 100 billion US dollars, and the industry regarded us as a star company for entrepreneurship. But under this premise, we still spend a lot of energy in finding people. Mainly because the talent we are looking for must be the most professional and the most suitable.

The most appropriate is that he has an entrepreneurial mentality and extremely likes what he is doing. If employees have an entrepreneurial mentality, they will burn themselves and have higher initiative, so that there is no need to set up a bunch of management systems or KPI assessments.

Entrepreneurship mentality is sometimes more colloquially referred to as love. How to continue to inspire the love of the team? First, let employees become fans. Secondly, "de-KPI". There is no KPI inside Xiaomi. But the absence of KPIs does not mean that our company has no goals. How does Xiaomi break down this goal? We don't put KPIs on employees, we are partners in charge of KPIs. But in terms of setting KPIs, we all set an order of magnitude. For example, we will sell 4000 million units this year. We will not agree on what kind of rewards I will give you if you complete the A, B, and C files. Our sales team ordered 4000 million this year, and suddenly reached 5000 million, and then immediately sent a sum of money to everyone to go to the Maldives for a holiday? We would not do such a thing. When setting KPIs, in fact, it is more to judge a company's growth ladder, which ladder I am on, because after we have calculated this information clearly, we need to allocate scheduling resources. Compared with the results, Xiaomi pays more attention to the process. As long as employees do the process well, the result is natural.

Note: Although there is no KPI, Xiaomi’s employees work nearly 12 hours a day, and it has been 4 years in a row! Someone on Zhihu asked how to treat Xiaomi’s 6*12 hour work system, and Xiaomi employee Li replied, “Resolutely oppose overtime... …But if it’s an entrepreneurial venture, it’s fine. Entrepreneurship means that work is life... How can I work overtime? I work all the time."

6. The principle of nature is the desire of human beings: give full benefit to the team and make employees "cool"

The motivation of the team is a "cool" word. It's good to let the employees feel good, don't pursue any rules and regulations, and don't just do it mechanically. For example, Xiaomi’s method may be suitable for you, or not for you. In fact, most fundamentally speaking, as a manager of an enterprise, can we really put our posture a bit lower, and get involved with your employees, and listen to how they want to be cool, how to give them a sense of participation and accomplishment, and how? Give them enough motivation. It's nothing more than cool, and when an employee is cool, he will burn himself.

The most touching sentence of Mr. Lei was Wang Yangming's "The Law of Heaven is Human Desire". I think this is a refreshing question, if you are willing to think about it, every company can figure it out. It mainly depends on the question you are willing to bear. When President Lei founded Xiaomi, he was very calm and open. He has been in business for 20 years and has already achieved fame, famous and rich. Before doing Xiaomi, he was also one of the most famous angel investors in China. Believe it or not, he was driven by a dream to make Xiaomi, that is, he wants to be a great enough company, a great enough thing. Therefore, at this time, from partners to our core employees, we have given sufficient guarantees, authorization and respect for their interests.

I have seen a lot of companies, and he only tells you that there are options, and only tells you how much your options are when they are about to go public. But Mr. Lei made it clear to our partners and core employees as soon as they came in and put many things on the table. Today's competition for talent is so fierce, there is not enough profit drive, it is actually difficult to talk about brotherhood purely.

Note: According to the "Sense of Participation: Xiaomi Word of Mouth Marketing Internal Manual", Xiaomi customer service work, as long as you work for more than half a year and perform well, you will be given options!

7. Emancipate the team: forget about KPIs and flatten the organization structure

Xiaomi says internally that we forget KPIs. We don't have KPIs. The development is driven by user feedback and the response is fast. For example, our MIUI development, MIUI designers, engineers all internal forums, we quickly iterate based on users' opinions every week. Even internal rewards are not that the boss is in a good mood today and then says that you are doing a good job. It is all based on user votes. Everyone recognizes that good design is good. This power is cyclical interaction. When you take the user seriously, the user will treat you attentively. A team with a player's heart will truly love their products and their users. This is the true core of the liberation team.

For companies in the Internet era, if you want to follow the mass line, you have to agitate everyone’s enthusiasm, and encourage everyone to innovate, if it is a structure of layered reporting, for example, there are five, six, seven or eight layers. , How can everyone be innovative? I have to make a decision, but I don’t count, I have to report to seven or eight leaders, and I have to wait two or three months before I can reply. How can engineers have the courage to innovate ? Many of our users can know that a certain function is made by a certain engineer, that module is made by another engineer, and the user has complained. This engineer said that we have seen the problem and will change it immediately. Therefore, in Xiaomi's R&D hierarchy, there are basically three levels, one is employees, one is core supervisors, and the other is partners, and there are only these three levels. Especially the R&D department will not have a manager or a deputy manager, and it will not be very complicated.

When we are going to transform the entire Internet, we must first sort out our product structure and our organizational structure from the inside out.

8. Let employees become fans, let fans become employees

Fan culture first makes employees become fans of product brands.

Every Xiaomi employee can receive an engineering machine, which should be used as a daily host; secondly, let employees’ friends become users. Each Xiaomi employee can apply for several F codes (F codes) per month. , Friend Code, friend invitation code, priority purchase qualification on Xiaomi website), give it to relatives and friends so that they can use it; finally, be friends with users.

For the use of their own products, many traditional companies do not eat grass on the edge of the nest. At Xiaomi, we even joked that "let the mother-in-law use her own products."

Xiaomi internally not only requires employees to become fans, but even tries to make fans become employees. Many of Xiaomi's new media operation team are recruited from fans.

Many users will choose to apply to work at Xiaomi after experiencing the services of Mi Home on site. They said that Xiaomi’s service is different from others, like a friend, with care and a relaxed atmosphere. The manager of Xiaomi's Hangzhou Station was originally a senior rice noodle, and the forum ID was the famous "Whiteboard Roaring West Wind". Later, he joined Xiaomi and became the manager.

9. People are more important than the system: let employees love work from the heart

Traditional customer service emphasizes system, but for Xiaomi's customer service, I think people are more important than system.

Our head of customer service department, she has worked in customer service for more than ten years and is very experienced. In 2012, Xiaomi's business developed rapidly, the number of users exploded rapidly, and the customer service work was also rapidly "stressed". The arrival of this supervisor has brought very valuable experience to our customer service team. But it’s very interesting that when she first came to report my work plan to me, she scared me as soon as she entered my office: she carried in a thick pile of paper. It turned out that she seriously summarized all the customer service data and work reports of Xiaomi in the past, and then based on these data and her expectations of our Xiaomi's business growth, she made dozens of pages of customer service improvement plans in the future.

After spending an afternoon reading it hard, I said to her: "You are professional in customer service, and I am an amateur. You do so many charts and plans, and to be honest, I don't really understand. If you are professional, you can understand it yourself. Can we not have so much KPI data? I will only give you one indicator: how to make your friends love the job of customer service from the heart?"

10. People are children of the environment: use the environment to shape people

Every one of us may spit anywhere in the wilderness, but when we put on a suit and tie and go to a hotel with a red carpet, no one will do it. This is a hint of the environment. When our service staff work at Xiaomi House, they put on a youthful Xiaomi T-shirt or coat every day, and they will naturally show a positive and youthful smile when facing users. In general after-sales repair centers, people walk through the process blankly, customers are anxious, but the staff don’t care. You can’t see it in Xiaomi’s home. This has nothing to do with the system. The "service" standardized by the system is fake, and the service molded by the environment is real.

The internal library of Mi Home is not only clean and neat, but also beautiful. Although the internal library of Mi Home is not open to outsiders, it is where the employees of Mi Home go to work every day. Beautiful cabinets, beautiful boxes, green plants, coffee machines, and some exquisite decorations... Such an inner library makes every employee who works at Xiaomi House feel physically and mentally happy.

Making employees happy is not just as simple as giving employees better benefits. When an employee works in a very comfortable and beautiful place, he has his own beautiful changing room, a high-end coffee maker, and a clean and bright interior. The employee will feel what he has done from the heart. The kind of quality required for a job.

We provide a clean and tidy working environment for front-line service employees. Such a working environment allows everyone to experience the existence of "beauty" on a daily basis. And, in order to continue working in such a good environment, they will naturally develop good habits to maintain this environment. Therefore, when the employees of Xiaomi House work, they will consciously clean up the inner warehouse; when the customer service employees of Xiaomi are handing over shifts, they will tidy up the office card slots and arrange the chairs. Leave again.

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