The Pinnacles (The Pinnacles) is located 260 kilometers north of Perth, Western Australia. There is a bizarre virgin forest of living fossils across the desert, plus thousands of limestone pillars up to 4 meters high. In the ancient times, there used to be a seaside with a forest. The sand blowing over from the sea formed a sandy ground. After the virgin forest withered and the ground was weathered, the sand sank, and the limestone remaining between the roots remained like a tower.

Explore the magical and magnificent stone forest Gobi, and watch various natural carved limestone shapes scattered in the picturesque Nambung National Park. Along the way, visit the famous Yanchep Nature Park and the beautiful seaside town of Lancelin. Add $20 and you can also go sandboarding!

The Chinese group departs every Friday and the English group departs every day. From $155, experience the spectacular wonders of Western Australia!