It is reported that HomeGround, a homeless settlement agency in Melbourne, requires the Victorian government to learn from the British experience and impose additional taxes on vacant houses. Is this a "nightmare" for crazy house hoarders?

The latest water analysis report in Mexico City shows that there are 6 vacant houses in the entire Melbourne area. At the same time, there are as many as 4 homeless people in Victoria.

Karl Fitzgerald, a spokesperson for Prosper Australia who made the report, said that "The number of vacant homes in Mexico City is rising, but there are very few vacancies being rented out. Homes should be for people to live in, not a luxury. For hoarding homes. The owners should take necessary punitive measures."

Heather Holst, Chief Executive Officer of HomeGround, stated that “the next Victorian government should work with the local government to ensure that 5% of all newly built commercial houses are reserved for affordable housing. At the same time, the government should amend the tax law to encourage Investors rent out vacant houses."

"On the one hand, we have so many vacant houses unoccupied, on the other hand, our affordable housing is far from enough. This is very shocking."

Heather Holst also pointed out that the thousands of newly-built commercial houses that are currently under construction in the Mexican CBD and inner city are not what residents need. "When we built so many new buildings in the inner city, why didn't we save some for affordable housing? Our plan should be re-examined. The government should crack down on housing hoarders and help the more than 2 homeless people. By."

Heather Holst believes that the Victorian government should learn from the UK's relevant experience and allow local governments to impose an additional 2% tax on houses that have been vacant for 2 years or more.

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