Yesterday, a Weibo netizen exposed that when a Xiaomi mobile phone user was playing a Xiaomi mobile phone, the mobile phone suddenly exploded and injured his hands.
The netizen also said that the mobile phone was purchased from Shenzhen, and from the appearance it should be a Xiaomi 2S mobile phone, but it was not confirmed whether it was a genuine or a fake.
In response to this incident, Xiaomi has just responded to the incident through its official Weibo, saying:
XNUMX. The battery of the so-called accident mobile phone is intact, the motherboard is not defective, and it can be turned on normally.
XNUMX. We have invited the media and the police to conduct a joint investigation to help users find the truth as soon as possible.
XNUMX. The after-sales personnel of Xiaomi Company arrived at the scene after receiving the news yesterday, and we will announce the follow-up progress as soon as possible.
The official Xiaomi mobile phone has been involved in the investigation and processing, and the specific reasons have to wait for further response from the official Xiaomi.
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