If you find a husband, just find enough fun, because he really wants to settle down.

When looking for a wife, look for the hurt, because she cherishes what is in front of her.

Find a friend, just look for the once brilliant, because he will never care about it.

Life, but a cup of tea, whether it's full or less, what to fight for!

Whether it is thick or light, it has its own taste.

Whether it's urgent or slow, so what?

Whether it's warm or cold, smile at each other.

Life is painful because of caring. Because of doubt, it hurts.

I am happy because I look down on it;

Because I am bearish, I am happy.

We are all passers-by from heaven and earth, and we can't be the master of many human affairs.

There are three dots in the word "Heart", and none of them stop jumping out. The more you want to hold onto, the quickest to leave you.

Everything follows the fate, the deep fate gathers together, and the shallow fate lets it go.

In life, the pain will leave you as much as possible.

Everyone is afraid that they will not be sober, and hope that their heart is as clear as a mirror.

In fact, why is life so clear? To make porridge, you need to put three centimeters of rice and seven cents of water. When dealing with things, we must divide ourselves into three parts, and divide people into seven parts.

Be three-point serious and seven-point tolerant towards friends. Three points of love and seven points of responsibility for the family.

Read the article, three points to read, seven points to quality.

Drink to be drunk at three, and wake up at seven.

Three points...seven points... is just the weigh of life.

What you read is a book, but what you read is the world;

Tea is brewed, but life is tasted;

The wine is served, but the taste is hard.

Life is like a one-way ticket with no return, no dress rehearsal, no re-emergence, cherish what you have now, and live in the moment!

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