Once I met with a few old classmates and talked about the current situation, everyone sighed with emotion: I think that those bad guys who copied our test papers now all become bosses, and most of us who were good students with excellent grades back then Dead wages, can't afford a house, can't afford a car, the situation is very ordinary. Why did the bad classmates become bosses? After careful consideration, I realized some ways.

XNUMX. Students with poor grades and mischief are naturally thick-skinned

To do business and to set up a business, you need to be shameless. In order to make a few percent of the profit, you have to stalk people. Classmates with poor grades and mischief have become accustomed to being criticized since childhood, and have developed a cheeky invulnerability. Harmony makes money, so business is booming. Those classmates with good grades and well-behaved have been used to compliments since they were young, and occasionally heard a criticism. They want to find the ground and get in. If you want him to put down the shelf and beg for help, it is better to kill Up him.

XNUMX. Students with poor grades and mischief are not afraid of setbacks

Doing business and running a business cannot be smooth sailing. If a setback ends, you will never succeed. Classmates with poor academic performance and mischief have experienced failures in exams since they were young. Frustration is like leeks for them. They have cut long and long cuts and no longer feel pain. On the other hand, good grades, obedient and well-behaved classmates, who have been successfully defended since childhood, will suffer from setbacks.

XNUMX. Students with poor grades and mischief dare to take risks

The risks are as great as the benefits are. Classmates with poor grades and mischief have an adventurous spirit since childhood. Although every time a prank is discovered, they are severely punished, but they can't let go of that happiness. And the students with good grades and obedient and well-behaved students have their life trajectory designed by teachers and parents since childhood. They not only lack the ability to live independently, but also lack the adventurous spirit.

Fourth, it is the students with poor grades and mischief who speak loyalty.

To be the boss of an enterprise, one must be good at unity and twist the employees into a single rope. Imagine that employees make mistakes accidentally, and the boss can stand on the other side to consider and reduce pressure for them. Who is not grateful for Dade’s hard work? On the other hand, students with good academic performance and obedient and well-behaved students, from childhood to adult, are afraid of getting into trouble. Some even use a "magnifying glass" to look for the shortcomings of their classmates to express themselves in front of the teacher. If such a person becomes a boss, he will only be enemies every day, making every employee feel at risk. Who still wants to work? Once the company encounters a little difficulty, the employee will just leave.

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