With the continuous development of the economy, China, which has gradually become wealthy, has set off an immigration route with investment immigration as the mainstream. As one of the four major immigration countries, Australia has been welcomed by many Chinese investors.


188The three major categories of visas are:

one,188AVisa (Entrepreneurship)


The 188A visa requires applicants to have successful business management experience, focusing on entrepreneurs with actual business experience, which is very suitable for domestic SME owners to apply.

After the 188A visa is approved, the applicant needs to go to Australia to do business. The minimum requirement for business investment is 20 Australian dollars. Applicants can buy a business in Australia, start a new business, and invest in an existing business. Once they meet the residency and investment requirements in Australia, they can apply for an Australian permanent visa.

two,188BVisa (investment category)


The 188B visa values ​​investment management ability. Applicants do not need to have their own company or work in a company. The 188B visa is very suitable for successful professional investors.

188B visa applicants do not need to do business in Australia, invest 150 million Australian dollars in Australian government bonds for four years, and live for two years to apply for an Australian permanent residency visa.
188. XNUMXC visa (large investment category)
Application conditions: The applicant has assets of more than A$500 million. After obtaining the state guarantee and EOI invitation letter, invest A$500 million in the project designated by the Australian Immigration Bureau. The source of funds for the 188C visa proves to be relatively looser than the 188 innovative business category and the 188B investment category, which is very suitable for people with high assets.

The 188C visa is currently the most convenient investment immigration program in Australia, with loose age conditions, no English requirements, no business background requirements, and no scoring. , Only 500 million Australian dollars investment can be processed for immigration, suitable for high-net-worth individuals.

At present, applicants only need to have lived in Australia for 160 days in four years and have invested continuously for four years before they can apply for an Australian permanent residence visa.

In summary:Immigration conditions are the loosest, which is the major investor visa; the cheapest, is the Australian entrepreneurial immigration. Entrepreneurial immigration requires applicants’ personal and business net assets to be at least A$80. Entrepreneurial immigration with lower requirements is also the first choice for domestic SME owners and executives to immigrate to Australia. Applicants can go to Australia to invest and do business after obtaining a visa, and they can apply for an Australian permanent residence visa if they meet the residence and business requirements.

Doing business in Australia is flexible, and applicants can choose the following three types of methods:

Establish a new business: apply for an Australian business name and establish a new business.

Buying an existing business: Buying an existing business in Australia is the most convenient and quick way.

Shares in Australian companies: The risks of investing in Australian companies are relatively high.

Except for a few industries in Sydney that do not meet the requirements for permanent residence in Australia, most industries can meet the requirements. It is recommended that applicants conduct market research in advance and make choices based on their own domestic business advantages.

The Australian Immigration Bureau's requirements for investment immigration are hard, and some are soft. Professional immigration lawyers will have rich experience to avoid or deal with different situations to ensure the success rate of investment immigration, so investment immigration is best passed A credible and professional immigration lawyer will do it!

Why immigrate to Australia?

Good social welfare:
Comprehensive social welfare ranks second in the world, and most of the welfare operated by the Australian government is paid in the form of allowances. There are many types of government subsidies, including family allowance, youth allowance, new start allowance (welfare for the unemployed), maternity allowance, immunization allowance, parent allowance, child allowance, childcare allowance, housing allowance, disabled child allowance, caregiver allowance, Indigenous youth scholarship, child allowance in remote areas, health care card, old age allowance, widowhood allowance, disability allowance, senior discount card, senior health card, telephone subsidy, veteran allowance, orphan parenting allowance, education subsidy for recipients, and many more. Although these allowances have not been detailed enough to get a haircut or grocery shopping, they can already cover basic living conditions.


Good air quality and convenient transportation:
Australia’s environment is unique and diverse. You can find completely different natural features in the same country, including unspoiled beaches and moist tropical rainforests, as well as towering mountains and vast deserts. There are XNUMX places listed as World Natural Heritage in Australia's vast land. The air transparency in Australia is extremely high, with blue sky, white clouds, and the sky, looking far away, unobstructed. Therefore, the life expectancy of Australians ranks second in the world. Sometimes walking around in the park, from morning to night, leather shoes can be spotless. The locals proudly said that their leather shoes can not be wiped for a month, and their shirt collars will not turn black in a day.
The traffic management in Australia is good, convenient and punctual, and the drivers and ticket inspectors are very friendly. Generally speaking, public transportation in Australia is very convenient. There are timetables for all routes of buses, trains and aviation, which can be obtained from various transportation units. Of course, in this sparsely populated country, private cars are the most convenient. On average, each Australian family owns 2-3 cars, and the cost of driving is very low.


There are many leisure activities, and barbecue is the most common:
Australians value the quality of life, so leisure and entertainment are the most important part of their lives. Generally speaking, Australians like outdoor sports, and in recent years they have become more enthusiastic about aerobic dancing, jogging and swimming. Due to the prevalence of sports, various sports clubs have emerged in various areas, especially schools and institutions have complete sports facilities. And because of Australia’s mild and sunny climate, barbecue has become the most common way of recreation for Australian families or groups. On weekends, ask three or five friends to barbecue in their own courtyard or go camping in the wild to enjoy a good time.


Quality of life and food safety:
Australia's territory ranks sixth in the world, with a population of 790 million (4/5 of the Chinese population) living on approximately 2200 million square kilometers (1.4/100 of China's territory). It is the only continent in the world that is monopolized by one country. It has hardly been affected by natural disasters, geological disasters, and human development disasters for hundreds of years. Therefore, there are few germs. In addition, the Australian government pays attention to the development of preventive medicine. Will get sick.
Due to its rich real estate and sparse population, Australia attaches great importance to food safety. Food additives, pesticides, fertilizers, and auxins are strictly restricted, including food imported from China that must meet Australia's food inspection standards.

Low cost of living, good humanistic and social system:
The cost of living in Australia is much lower than that in China, but the premise is to make money locally and spend money locally. If you make money in Australia and spend money in Australia, you will still think everything is expensive. Australians do not have racial discrimination, the social system is fair, and relative work has become a pleasure. It is a window for people to communicate with each other, not a must for supporting their families. Therefore, this country seems to be relatively lazy, just like their national treasure, the koala.

Pleasant weather, small time difference:
The eastern coastal area of ​​Australia is rich in precipitation, has a tropical rainforest climate and a subtropical monsoon humid climate, which is very suitable for human habitation. Therefore, 2/3 of the population of Australia is concentrated in several large cities along the southeast coast. The hottest month is January, with an average temperature of 1 degrees. The coldest month is July, and the average temperature is 28 degrees north.
Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. The season is opposite to China. However, there is only a two-hour time difference between Eastern Standard Time and Beijing Time. That is to say, you wake up at 2 o'clock every day. China is just 11 o'clock. If you think of something at 9 o'clock in the evening, China only works at 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Too late.

The ideal back garden for entrepreneurs:
In addition to judicial cooperation with China in smuggling, Australia does not have a death penalty system, so there is no other type of judicial cooperation mechanism. Unlike Canada, Australia does not adopt a global taxation system, so overseas income is not recorded as a taxable scope. Chinese companies in Australia adopt the Australian tax system, and there is no tax cooperation mechanism between the two countries. Australia uses conscious tax returns.

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