In recent years, more and more students and friends have chosen to study in Australia. The cost of studying in Australia is also a topic of great concern to many friends.

So, how much does it cost to study abroad? Let's find out with the study abroad experts of Australia-China Business!



According to different majors, the tuition fee is about 20000-25000 Australian dollars per year (about 13-19 RMB in total)


The tuition fee is about 15000-20000 Australian dollars per year (about 9.5-13 RMB)

High school

Public high school fees are about 15000 Australian dollars (about 9 yuan) per year;

Private high school fees are about 25000-30000 AUD per year (about 16-20)


The tuition fee is 20000-30000 Australian dollars per year (about 13-19.8 RMB)

Warm tips:

The tuition fees vary according to the nature of the university. The above data are only tuition fees and do not include books, living expenses and miscellaneous expenses.

The cost of living depends on the living index of the university's location.

Specifically, there are the following cost ranges:

Tier XNUMX cities

Such as Sydney and Melbourne, the cost of living for a year is about 15000 AUD/year

Second-tier cities

Such as Brisbane and Perth, the cost of living for a year is about 14000 AUD/year

third-tier city

Such as Adelaide and Canberra, the living expenses for a year is about 13000 Australian dollars per year

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