As the saying goes, Sichuan and Chongqing are one family, Sichuan and Chongqing are originally one family. But as "brothers", Chongqing people are still somewhat different from Sichuan people represented by Chengdu. What? Do not believe? Then follow Xiaowei to see the hilarious summary of netizens!

1. Chengdu people speak long, Chongqing people speak short.


The Chengdu people said goodbye, "Mr. Li, go slowly — oh —" Sometimes he added, "Go slowly..."

The Chongqing people said goodbye, "...stupefied."... left.

2. Chongqing people speak very hotly, but the problem is easy to solve, Chengdu people speak softly, but the trouble is bigger...


Going home late at night, when the man knocked on the door, Chongqing sister RI's mother yelled at him, scolding you wanting to die, but after 15 minutes, make sure to get into the bed.

Going home late in the evening, the man knocked on them, the Chengdu sister did not scold them, and said softly, "You are back? Are you still coming back and muttering? Play three, oops, the sister outside is so gentle, and only come back after playing enough... Anyway, the family will implement a restructuring three in five years..." As a result, they had not entered the door at 5 in the morning.

3. Chengdu people are more reserved but colder, Chongqing people are enthusiastic but more...


Asked for directions, "Sister, Chunxi Road murmured?"

Sister Chengdu: "Oh, Chunxi Road..." said while walking, or muttered, "...Weird eyebrows, Chunxi Road can't be found, if you don't have anything to say..."

Asked for directions, "Sister, mumbling Jiefangbei?"

Sister Chongqing, (who looks really good and looks a bit like a model): "Here I am cut and cut, RMa is not a Jiefangbei, and why is it whispering?"... scared away...

4. The taxi driver's curse, the car was blocked, and then...


The Chongqing driver stretched his head out and scolded the eighteenth generation of his ancestors who were traveling with dozens of taxis in front of him. When he finished cursing, he sat back and said to the guests politely, "Hey, where are you talking?"

The car was blocked, and the Chengdu driver didn’t scold him, and sat in the car muttering, “It’s jammed, the card wrinkled three times in the past, anyway, I’ve run enough today, you can just block it up...” After a while, a woman riding a bicycle The child crossed across, startled the driver, and the driver was dull and speechless. After waiting half a street, the driver began to say, "Ms. Guiergua, the man is dead..." There were only guests and the driver in the car, and the guests sweat...

5. The difference between curse words:


Chengdu people curse people: ghost son, mother's P, melon lady, melon baby doll

There are more people in Chongqing: Ha'er, treasure.

6. Chengdu people greet each other and make jokes.

A woman was wearing a sweater, and the other person obviously asked "Digging in a sweater" when she saw that she was wearing a sweater (this is not nonsense, don’t wear a sweater or underwear). Chengdu people went to the bathroom and met and asked, "Have you eaten?" It’s disgusting.) It’s even a big man (meaning squatting) and his face is red. Some people ask "change big hand to dig" (big man squats down and doesn’t change big hand to small hand? Everyone will laugh at you)

7. The difference in fighting

Chengdu people fight: Two people fight on the street and talk, "Do you dare to beat Lao Tzu", and one person will eat one ear when he goes up. He will say "You digged" (Isn't it because I beat him?" ) "Do you dare to beat Lao Tzu" (I've beaten them all) "The man who beat Lao Tzu hasn't been born yet" (Who beat you?)

Chongqing people have unique ways to fight:


8. Different vocabulary that means hate

Chengdu people hate a person or a thing, they will say "so annoying" (oh the word has a ending sound)

Chongqing says "black trouble" (short and fast speaking)

9. Chongqing people please eat hot pot, it's numb...

Chongqing people once asked for a hot pot, "Ri Ni Ma, a bottle of beer", "Ri Ni Ma, order Bailer", "Ri Ni Ma, two mouthfuls," "Ri Ni Ma, a hairy belly", "Boss, hurry up Ri "Ni Ma yo" "Impotential, Ri Ni Ma comes to light" "Ri Ni Ma water boiled and dried old" "Ri Ni Ma add some soup"... (After eating hot pot for a while, the boss's mom made R 120 times, friend mom It’s not easy, I R 68 times)

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