This finally happened! When I was still in Australia last week, one of my classmates when I was studying the Master of International Relations in Sydney, and the diplomat in charge of relations with the United States in the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs happily told me that the last time President Xi Jinping visited Australia, he was He was on a business trip in the United States, but was unable to meet him. This time he was going to personally receive Xi Jinping who was about to visit Australia. It turned out that he was responsible for the G11 summit in Australia in November this time. Although he was in charge of the US summit, everyone had a meeting together, so he could get in touch with President Xi up close. He joked, would you like an autograph for you? I said, the signature is fine, if it is convenient, would you please write a recommendation for my blog?

But this finally happened! It was originally a joyous thing, but after the opening of the APEC in Beijing and the fireworks display yesterday, he contacted me again, but the tone of his speech was almost crying. He said that he was about to suffer from depression. Why did I ask? He said, Beijing's fireworks... I said, Beijing's fireworks do not matter to you? He sighed and said quietly: It's a long story...

He said that the G20 summit to be held in Brisbane, Australia, was originally nothing. Anyway, some Australians are going to protest and make trouble. It is said that some people are going to protest Obama, especially some media will definitely be acrimonious to the leaders. What is even more frightening is that the media may discover that the host country and the organizer (Australia and the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, respectively) have made mistakes, and he can hardly be blamed at that time. Therefore, they have a principle, try to be as low-key as possible, and avoid the eyes of the people as much as possible. Fortunately, the previous international summits held in Australia are all of this virtue. Anyway, they are held in the United States and other Western countries. Where to go.

However, he continued to complain. This time the G20 summit under his partial responsibility encountered a new situation: In history, there are very few APEC summits and G20 summits that are so close in time and place. One Chinese Beijing. A Brisbane, Australia, all in this month, almost less than a week apart...I interrupt him, wouldn't it be nice? It is convenient for leaders to travel and save taxpayers' money.

He smiled bitterly and said, yes, let’s take a look at the APEC you hosted, how grand, harmonious, and warm... He said that this APEC was originally invented by Australians, but since the first APEC held in Australia, Almost every time, there will be some dissatisfied mass demonstrations and some troublemakers. In many cases, meetings are held in remote areas in order not to affect the lives of the citizens and arouse public dissatisfaction. But you can hide from the masses and the media. But, look at your Beijing, how good it is.

He admitted that he also worked in the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years, and it was the first time that people spontaneously saw the people holding light sticks to welcome the leaders of the countries, and singing and dancing. If they were in Australia, they would have been rewarded if they didn't throw eggs; he Said that it is unprecedented to set off such beautiful fireworks for the summit...

I said, you have said so much, what do you want to say? Harmony, welcome and fireworks. Isn’t that great? Why did you get depression? He said, hey, you do APEC like this, how can we do the G20 summit? In terms of the importance of international relations and countries, the G20 summit is far more important than APEC, but you opened it so grand and harmoniously, how can we do it? Can I not be depressed?

Then he repeated the old tune, talking about the last Beijing Olympics. He said that fortunately, the Sydney Olympics (2000) predated the Beijing Olympics (2008). Since Beijing made the Olympics so "high, big, and high", no other country in the world knew how to host the Olympics, and since then , The enthusiasm of the world for the Olympics has also dropped greatly. He was really worried that after Beijing finished hosting this APEC, other host countries would not know what to do in the future.

I asked him, what do you mean? You are not black my motherland, are you? He quickly explained, no, no, I am jealous and hateful. Maybe I was really angry. He immediately came out with a flattering strategy. He said, or else, in the future such large-scale international conferences will be held in China? There are no demonstrations, no dissatisfied masses, there are food and drink, fireworks displays and welcoming lanes, and your sky is blue. The masses of Beijing are still on holiday, how about?

After he finished speaking, I found that I might really be suffering from depression!

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