On November 11, the news that the money of "12 million yuan of corrupt officials" was moldy attracted public attention. The Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection reported that Ma Chaoqun, the former deputy investigator of the Qinhuangdao City Administration Bureau and the former general manager of Beidaihe Water Supply Corporation, was investigated and punished for alleged bribery, embezzlement, and embezzlement of public funds.

Relevant departments found hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, 37 kilograms of gold, and 68 sets of real estate procedures in Ma Chaoqun’s rental houses. It can be seen from the photos on the scene that a large amount of valuable items such as gold bars and cash were placed under the bed. Ma Chaoqun’s lawyer revealed that the case is currently under investigation.

Screen Shot at 2014 11-16-16.54.22

A large number of gold bars found by the disciplinary inspection department

Screen Shot at 2014 11-16-16.54.28

A large amount of gold bars were found under the bed of the rental room

Screen Shot at 2014 11-16-16.54.36

A mountain of cash piled up in Ma Chaoqun's home.

The list of seized materials provided by Ma Chaoqun’s family members showed that 9002 million yuan in cash and a large amount of gold bullion dollars were seized.

Where Ma Chaoqun worked

The picture shows Ma Chaoqun being interviewed

Ma Chaoqun’s mother, Zhang Guiying, held a press conference in Qinhuangdao on the 13th and confirmed to reporters that the police searched for money at home, and confirmed that the amount of money and the weight of gold were 1.2 million in cash, 37 kilograms of gold, and 68 sets of real estate procedures.

But Zhang Guiying argued that the huge amount of money did not come from Ma Chaoqun’s corruption, but from his husband’s legal business. His husband Ma Bingzhong passed away in October 2012. Zhang Guiying said that most of the 10 properties are held by her and Ma Bingzhong. His youngest daughter Ma Qingru holds part of the properties on his behalf. Ma Chaoqun only owns one house.

However, according to the Xinhua News Agency’s aid to the Qinhuangdao City Disciplinary Inspection Department, “We believe in the evidence and speak with the facts. In the end, the case will be subject to the court’s verdict. The facts will definitely come to light.”

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