Elektroniikkatie Street 13, Oulu, northern Finland, is the hardware research and development base of Yota Devices' smartphones.

The well-regulated gray building is equipped with sky blue window frames. The protective fence on the first floor is already covered with creeper vines. The entire office area is few pedestrians, clean and quiet.

But the atmosphere in the R&D office in the building is not so cozy. Technicians are trying their best to create a new mobile phone that breaks the existing model of mobile technology: one side is equipped with a traditional LCD display, and the other side is equipped with an electronic ink screen, allowing seamless information access and longer standby time.

A team of 35 engineers took 7 months and a budget of $2500 million to make this concept a reality.

At the end of 2013, the world's first dual-screen mobile phone without sleep, YotaPhone, was officially launched. In February of this year, Yota Devices launched the second-generation YotaPhone, which was unveiled at MWC (Mobile World Congress).

Nine months later, during the APEC informal leaders' meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the YotaPhone 9, which has not yet been officially listed, to Xi Jinping as a national gift.

As a result, this smart phone, which started a new trend in the field of consumer electronics, entered the field of vision of the Chinese people.

Xi Da became the world's first YotaPhone 2 user

YotaPhone is known as the "Russian iPhone". To become a national gift, the price of the first generation was US$675 when it was launched, which was higher than the bare-metal price of the iPhone 5s of US$649 during the same period.

The confidence of YotaPhone 2 comes from a technical team composed of former Nokia core personnel.

The "dual screen" design is the biggest feature of YotaPhone-there is a screen on the front and back of the phone. In addition to the regular LCD screen, an electronic ink screen of the same size is also mounted on the back of the fuselage. This design also makes it the world's first mobile phone with independent dual screens that can run interactively, which makes it easier to read while also having a longer battery life.

Outstanding features made YotaPhone quickly become a star product as soon as it was launched.

YotaPhone has been recognized by many experts from all over the world and is considered to be the next milestone in the smartphone market. YotaPhone has also won consecutive innovation awards at international heavyweight digital and electronic events such as CES, MWC, and Cannes International Creativity Festival.


▲ Because of its unique electronic ink screen, YotaPhone is especially suitable for document reading, and it is very node-like, comparable to a kindle reader

YotaPhone 2 continues the first-generation "dual-screen" design. The resolution on one side of the color screen is 1920×1080 pixels, allowing you to play games, watch pictures and videos. The EPD electronic ink screen on the other side has a resolution of 960×540 pixels, a density of 235ppi, and a finer picture effect. Although the EPD screen is always on, it does not consume power. If the EPD screen is used as the main screen, the phone can last for two days with only one charge.

In addition, information such as weather, road conditions, news, and mail can also be displayed at any time according to user settings, and it can block spam and spam messages.

In terms of appearance, YotaPhone 2 has changed the first-generation square shape design and adopted a cobblestone shape, which looks very round.

In addition, YotaPhone 2 dual screens support the use of gloves.

From this point of view, as a creative and practical mobile phone that can represent Russia's top level, it is reasonable to give it as a national gift.


▲ It is said that Xi Da is the first person in the world to obtain YotaPhone 2. The screensaver of this mobile phone is also specially designed for Russia, China and APEC and other topics

▲ Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is the first fan of YotaPhone. This is a photo of his first generation using YotaPhone in December 2013

YotaPhone is manufactured by Foxconn

YotaPhone is directly produced in Asia.

The staff of YotaDevices Company revealed that the YotaPhone is produced by Foxconn. In addition, the company has signed a production agreement with Singapore ODM manufacturer Hi-P (Hi-P International). The latter mainly produces wireless communication equipment and electronic products, with 14 production plants in China, Singapore, Thailand and Poland.

In China, the Russian side chose iReader as its only strategic partner in the reading field, providing software and reading services throughout the process.

Although YotaPhone won CES "CNET Most Popular Mobile Device Award" and other awards in 2013, its internationalization speed is very slow: when the second generation was released, the first generation was only on sale in the UK.

The Wall Street Journal was not optimistic about the prospects of this phone, but now it has received the president's support in China and has begun to have a large number of fans outside.



▲ As the second generation of YotaPhone series models, compared to the predecessor, both the overall aesthetics and the sense of design have been improved

The CEO is "Jobs’s Russian Apprentice"

YotaDevices CEO Vlad Martynov has 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

In his view, the most important flaw of smartphones is that most of the time the screen is in a dormant state and cannot produce value.

The introduction of the electronic ink screen on the back of the mobile phone is to solve the power consumption problem of the ordinary screen on the one hand, and to use the "forgotten" back cover of the mobile phone. Vlad Martynov said, "We have turned this useless space into A display that never sleeps."

VladMartynov arrived in Beijing yesterday and he is actively preparing to face the Chinese media.

Tomorrow morning, the CEO, known as the "Jobs Russian Apprentice", will officially announce that YotaPhone brand mobile phones will officially land in the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2015.

However, YotaPhone 2 is still expensive, and its expected price is about 600 pounds (about 6000 yuan).


▲ Judging from the style of Vlad Martynov’s speech at the press conference, it’s no wonder that others regard him as one of Jobs’ apprentices: the same cowboy with a shirt, the same gestures, and simple slide text

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