Recently, the Consulate General learned that several Chinese citizens holding Australian tourist visas when entering Sydney Airport were cancelled by the Australian Immigration Department and repatriated to the country because the purpose of entry did not match the type of visa.

The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney reminds Chinese citizens to strictly abide by relevant Australian regulations and pay attention to the following:

XNUMX. Carefully read the Australian "Inbound Passenger Registration Card" and fill in the relevant items truthfully and completely.

Warm reminder: If you are unclear about the content on the entry passenger registration card, you can ask the crew on the plane for help. They may know more.

XNUMX. The type of visa to apply for Australia should be consistent with the actual purpose of entry. When applying for a visa, the purpose of entry should be filled in truthfully, so as not to block entry due to the discrepancy between the type of visa and the actual purpose of entry.

Reminder: If you are applying for a tourist visa, please tell the truth about the tourist when inquiring by the customs. Don't be the upper body of the young literary and artistic youth, say something indiscriminately to experience life.

XNUMX. It is best to bring the invitation letter, return air ticket, hotel order, travel expenses and other relevant materials that can fully prove the purpose of entry and stay time when entering the country. If necessary, you can show it to Australian immigration officials.

Warm reminder: These related materials only need to be taken out when required by customs officers.

XNUMX. If you are inquired by Australian immigration officials, please answer the questions truthfully. If you do not understand English, you can request Chinese translation services.

Reminder: It's very simple, answer carefully if you understand, don't answer indiscriminately if you don't understand.

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