Ma Chaoqun’s family reported real names to Ma Zhuang, the director of the Qinhuangdao Urban Construction Administration Bureau, saying that he feared that his serious illegal behavior would be exposed and retaliated against Ma Chaoqun’s family.

The nationwide shocking case of Ma Chaoqun’s “small officials and huge corruption” continued to ferment. According to a report by Southern Metropolis Daily on November 2014, 11, Ma Chaoqun’s mother Zhang Guiying said in an interview with reporters yesterday, “15 million cash, 1.2 kilograms of gold, 37 "Properties" are not sons. Regarding Ma's statement, the Qinhuangdao City Procuratorate, which is in charge of handling the case, declined to be interviewed, while the Qinhuangdao City Commission for Discipline Inspection published an article emphasizing that the Ma Chaoqun case is a typical "small officials and huge corruption." Yesterday, Ma Chaoqun’s family reported to Ma Zhuang, the director of the Qinhuangdao Urban Construction Administration Bureau, in real names, saying that he feared that his serious illegal behavior would be exposed and retaliated against Ma Chaoqun’s family. Ma Zhuang did not accept an interview, and the person in charge of the Publicity Section of the Urban Management Bureau said that he had not heard of the incident.

Regarding the above two incidents, the procuratorial agency has responded to whether Ma Chaoqun’s billions of wealth was legally obtained by his father, saying that if there is no relevant evidence, it will not take relevant measures against Ma Chaoqun, so I do not need to repeat it. Another thing is that Ma Chaoqun’s family claimed that Ma Zhuang retaliated against Ma Chaoqun’s family because he feared that his violation of law and discipline would be exposed. The author believes that although the procuratorial organs have reservations about the amount of money disclosed by the media, Ma Chaoqun’s corruption facts exist. Therefore, retaliation seems far-fetched. But this does not mean that the reports made by Ma Chaoqun's family are baseless.

Ma Zhuang and Ma Chaoqun, one is the director of the Qinhuangdao Urban Construction Administration Bureau, the official rank is at the division level; the other is the deputy investigator of the bureau and the general manager of Beidaihe Water Supply Corporation. This position is at the deputy division level. Relevant information shows that the Beidaihe Water Supply Corporation under the Qinhuangdao City Administration Bureau is responsible for the daily water supply of Beidaihe District, Nandaihe Tourist Resort and Beidaihe New District. At the same time, because Beidaihe is the central summer office location, the company is also responsible for the safety of water supply for the central leadership and Chinese and foreign tourists during the summer. According to insiders from the Urban Management Bureau, both of them are strong and have been "not dealing with them." One day in 2013, Ma Zhuang went to Beidaihe Water Supply Company for inspection. The car was stopped by the guard at the door and was not allowed to enter. The back guard asked Ma Chaoqun for instructions before putting the car into the hospital. Zhang Guiying said that Ma Zhuang was dissatisfied with this. After seeing Ma Chaoqun, the two quarreled and finally fought. Since then, the relationship has become worse.

I searched the Internet and found an article on "Qinhuangdao Bar" titled "Qinhuangdao Urban Management Director Bus Multiple License Plates", saying that the Qinhuangdao Urban Management Director Ma Zhuang has been in and out of places such as karaoke halls for a long time. Raising a woman has serious corruption. During the tenure of the Civil Air Defense Office, he also solicited and accepted bribes, and there were many sets of license plates on the driver's seat. And allotted buses with relevant license plates applied to horses. The time of the online exposure was early February 2014, which was not long after the fight between him and Ma Chaoqun. Meng Qiuhong, the ex-wife of Ma Chongqun’s younger brother Ma Chongqun, said that after the two fell out, Ma Chaoqun noticed that the central government now attaches importance to anti-corruption and eight regulations, so he began to pay attention to Ma Zhuang’s problems and prepared a report. Yesterday, Meng Qiuhong publicly reported Ma Zhuang in an online interview, saying that Ma Zhuang was suspected of selling officials, accepting bribes in engineering, using license plates on buses, and eating and drinking. It is not difficult to see that there is a certain connection between the online exposure and the report prepared by Ma Zhuang.

"Qinhuangdao Bar" has more than 20 hits on the related exposed material stickers, and the fact that there are license plates for buses does exist. According to the author’s analysis, although the license plates of a few cars cannot explain Ma Zhuang’s corruption problem, they are enough to cause Ma Zhuang’s worry. Because he had a feast with Ma Chaoqun, he naturally cast his suspicion on Ma Chaoqun. Ma Zhuang faintly felt the threat from Ma Chaoqun, so he thought that instead of just waiting to die, it was better to start first. According to people close to the case by the public security system, the claim that Ma Chaoqun was extorting a municipal project involving water affairs at a high price, which caused dissatisfaction with the Qinhuangdao Urban Management Bureau's report and investigation, seems to support the author's above judgment.

As the saying goes, there is no impermeable wall. Besides, Ma Chaoqun and Ma Zhuang are in the same unit. While Ma Zhuang was investigating Ma Chaoqun, Ma Chaoqun realized that he wanted to overthrow Ma Zhuang only by applying license plates, and the evidence was obviously insufficient, so he stepped up to collect corrupt materials from his boss. According to Ma Chaoqun’s mother, my son heard that Ma Zhuang had embezzled 100 million and was going to report it. But he was retaliated by Ma Zhuang before he reported it. Ma Mu's words seem to confirm Ma Chaoqun's previous efforts. The author believes that whether Ma Chaoqun was retaliated against or not. Before the law, it does not matter where the criminal clues come from. The important thing is whether the criminal facts put into the judicial process of the case can be determined. If there are no problems with the facts, evidence, and procedures, Ma Chaoqun’s mother will only be of no avail no matter how loudly she shouts injustice. And the fiction of the details of other people's corruption not only did not help her son much. Once the relevant department found no such incident, it would aggravate her son's crime. Since Ma Mu has the ability to hold a press conference, she must have understood the relevant laws and regulations, so the possibility of fabricating it out of thin air is extremely small. The material that Ma Chaoqun has not had time to report, what issues are involved in Ma Zhuang, deserve public attention. Judging from the fish-dead-net-breaking style presented by the Ma family, I guess that even if there are some discrepancies in the report material, the director of the city management may be inevitable?

Officially, anti-corruption is called "fighting tiger flies," but I think it is more appropriate to compare it to fishing shrimp. Corrupt officials are like big and small fish and dried shrimps. The "small officials and huge corruption" case caused a wave of waves. Anti-corruption should have relied on the net woven by the system, and the officialdom in the people's vision should be a clean pond. If the net of the system is well woven, fish and shrimp will not easily slip through the net. Regrettably, the two "fish" Ma Chaoqun and Ma Zhuang who were corrupt in this case both surfaced because of the habit of fighting between the two "fish". If they can "respect" each other, something will happen again. Will something happen so soon? Therefore, the author cannot help asking, is it because the fish and shrimp dive deep, or are there too many loopholes in the system web we have woven?

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