After staying in a city for a long time, it feels a little boring, stressful work, exhausted life, but still have to continue, so if there is a holiday, people hope to go out to breathe fresh air, to a completely different environment, A completely different mindset to experience a different kind of life. For this reason, many people love to travel, and the pleasant journey left them with many unforgettable memories and made them feel a lot about the true meaning of life. But "I couldn't find the hotel booked, I forgot to bring my ID card and charger, and bought a bunch of useless souvenirs to go home..." There are always embarrassing things that people regret. Recently, the American CNN (CNN) Travel Channel has summarized the 15 most common mistakes people make during travel. Let's take a look!

1. Bring too much clothes. A recent survey by a British hotel chain showed that at the end of the trip, two-thirds of the people had at least 2 sets of clothes not worn, and heavy suitcases would become the biggest burden of travel.

2. Did not check the ID card. You must use your ID card or passport to fly or stay in a hotel. If you don't check carefully before you leave, you will have to go home dingy.

3. The booked hotel cannot be found. When I came to an unfamiliar city, I couldn't distinguish the north, south, east, and west, let alone where the hotel was.

4. Tan. Most of the time when traveling is outdoors, ultraviolet rays can cause redness, peeling, and red spots on the skin, which not only hinders the appearance, but also increases the risk of cancer.

5. Eat roadside stalls at scenic spots. One of the great pleasures of traveling is to taste delicious food, but eating indiscriminately, especially the roadside stalls in the scenic spots, lack of guarantee for the freshness and hygiene of the food, it is easy to eat bad stomach, and the beautiful scenery is unwilling to appreciate.

6. Go too fast. Expect to visit a city in just 7 days of vacation, then you can only see its shallowest side, and it will be even more exhausting in a few days.

7. Buy souvenirs randomly. After the trip, souvenirs will soon turn into rubbish piles aside.

8. The air ticket discount is too small. Transportation costs often account for more than half of the total expenditure. People often get discounts on food, clothing and housing because the round-trip air tickets are too expensive.

9. Wear flip flops. Many people think that when walking in slippers, the feet are not restrained and will not squeeze their feet due to swelling. But often after a day, the soles of the feet will be strained.

10. Did not buy insurance. my country has more than 20 billion domestic trips and nearly 8 million outbound trips every year, but only less than two adults have purchased travel insurance. From disputes and accidents to small bumps, you have to be at your own risk, adding a lot of blockage to travel.

11. The hotel is too far from the city. Many people will be confused by fancy hotel slogans. For example, "close to the city center" is easy to take advantage of. In fact, the hotel is not in the city at all, and travel is extremely inconvenient. Not only is it time-consuming, but a taxi will cost you several times more.

12. The cap is not tightened. Toiletries are not tightly sealed, and the unlucky ones will be the clothes in the entire suitcase.

13. High call charges. If there is no change to the communication package service, long-distance roaming charges will be a big expense.

14. Over-reliance on travel guides. If you follow the travel guide, you can only see a sea of ​​people.

15. Take pictures for everything. This is a common problem for many travel companions. Every statue, every flower, and every dish must have a close-up, but they neglect to appreciate their beauty through eyes and hearts.