Fred, a cockatoo at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in southern Hobart, Australia today celebrated its XNUMXth birthday and received a congratulatory letter from the Queen of England from Buckingham Palace , To commemorate this special moment.


The director of the animal sanatorium, Greg Irons, said that he started taking care of Fred the parrot 10 years ago. He is not sure how old Fred is, but he must be over a hundred years old. If Fred is 2 years old this year, he should have been born when the First World War broke out. Although it doesn't fly much now, it still talks and sings non-stop, looking like a XNUMX-year-old child.

Craig said that except for a few sprains, Fred has no health problems and has not seen a vet in 10 years. It is reported that the life span of many cockatoos is around 60 years old. It is not easy to live to 70 years old, and it is rare for parrots to live to 100 years old.

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Some children put on parrot costumes and parrot headgear to celebrate Fred's birthday.

In order to celebrate Fred's birthday, the staff of the nursing home carefully prepared a special cake for him, sprinkled with seeds and nuts that parrots love, and covered with honey. Some children wore parrot costumes and parrot headdresses to celebrate. Craig said that Fred still enjoys being noticed by people.



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