According to the "Pioneer Sun" report, Tourism Australia has created a super luxury tour for the wealthy Chinese market. Of course, the price is quite expensive, 7 Australian dollars per person.

This tour package takes 22 days and will travel around every state and territory in Australia. Attractions include Uluru, Gold Coast beaches and Kangaroo Island. Of course, it also includes the experience of the top restaurants in various cities, such as Quay in Sydney and Melbourne. Attica, Darwin's Evoo and Adelaide's Windy Point, etc.

The price also includes business class international air tickets, luxury accommodations and exclusive wine tastings.


Last year, China has surpassed the United Kingdom to become Australia's most valuable tourism market, bringing Australia 53 billion Australian dollars in benefits.

With the increase in direct flights between China and Australia and the decline in the Australian dollar exchange rate, this value is expected to reach 2020 billion in 130.

Although there are only 30 places for this luxury tour in China, Tourism Australia General Manager John O'Sullivan said it will “make headlines”.

"We know that many Chinese can't afford this luxury tour, but we are still looking forward to it." He said, "What we really want to do is to increase our attention to Australia and create excitement and new news."

"The target group of the luxury tour of 7 Australian dollars (about 37.5 RMB) per person is the most wealthy residents in China who are also looking for exclusive luxury tours," he said.


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