The G20 summit is coming. Although some businesses said that Brisbane’s security actions may affect their business, one business is doing well.

According to News Australia, the major brothels in Brisbane said that with the arrival of more than 7000 people including international leaders, major representatives and journalists, their business suddenly became hot this week.

A spokesperson for a brothel located five minutes away from the city said that the conference has not yet started, and they have welcomed a wave of delegates.

"Business is very good, these days are very busy, many people come to patronize us." She said, "Many people are far away from daily life, they may want to try something they don't usually do, including going to high-end clubs ."

Although the brothel is forbidden to send additional staff, she said they will make all preparations for the coming weekend.

"U.S. President Obama may not come, but I'm sure someone will quietly enjoy this kind of fun." She said, "We never make assumptions. It is precisely because of the diversity of this industry that you will never Will know who will walk in here."

She also said that they will provide private parking and waiting rooms, because no one wants to meet colleagues here.

This weekend, Brisbane will welcome more than 7000 international leaders, representatives and media, as well as 6000 police officers and 1000 soldiers.

A spokesperson for another brothel said that their business has also begun to get better, just like American sailors landed on the beach.

Some brothels said that in order to welcome customers, they would be open 24 hours a day, and expressed their expectation to see new faces patronize them.

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