From today, the Victorian ban on sending "Sexting" will come into effect.

Anyone who maliciously or deliberately spreads or threatens to spread the private photos of others will likely face two new charges.

The dissemination content targeted by this ban includes not only private photos of minors under the age of 18, but also private photos of adults without the consent of the parties.

Those who illegally distribute the above photos will face up to two years in prison; those who threaten to distribute the above photos will also face up to one year in prison.

The new law also introduced some special cases. For those minors under the age of 18, on the premise that they are happy and willing to send non-exploitative sex messages to each other, they will not be prosecuted and will not be recorded on the sex offender registration list. .

Victorian Attorney General Robert Clark pointed out that the most important thing is that the formulation of laws must keep up with the pace of rapid technological development.

He said in a statement, “In the past, the law had only limited sanctions against malicious dissemination of private photos. However, such behavior may cause great harm to victims, especially when the photos are widely disseminated. after that."

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