Myki card turned into a hacker ATM? Criminals stolen credit cards to recharge Myki cards and then resold them, earning millions of Australian dollars.

Victoria Police is investigating a case of credit card fraud. The criminals first stolen the credit card of others online to recharge the Myki card, and then sold the Myki card online at a very low price.

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Public Transport Victoria emphasized that criminals are mainly targeting overseas bank accounts, and users who use credit cards to top up Myki cards online will not be affected by this incident.

Alan Fedda of the Victorian Traffic Authority’s Customer Service Center stated that “the online recharge system has strict protection measures and cardholders can recharge with confidence.”

It is reported that the Victorian Traffic Authority has paid 110 million Australian dollars to the victims of this case.

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Alan Fedda also warned people not to buy Myki cards from Gumtree or eBay: "If you see online that the price of Myki cards is lower than the amount in the card, please do not buy them. We will suspend such cards."

The Victorian Traffic Authority said that since the A$15 billion Myki card system was put into use in 2009, fare revenue has exceeded A$20 billion. Fraudulent transactions accounted for only 0.1% of total revenue.

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