The police solemnly stated that they will severely crack down on illegal cyclists to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and end road disputes between bicycles and cars.

According to the Herald Sun, Victoria Police pointed out that the number of cyclists who ran red lights in 2013-2014 increased by 30% compared to last year, from 682 to 900. The Melbourne CBD is the place where this phenomenon occurs most, followed by Yarra and Moreland.

It is reported that the number of cyclists who ran a red light because they failed to stop the car in time more than doubled to 300. In the past five years, 28,070 cyclists were recorded without helmets, compared with 5422 last year alone.

The fine for a cyclist who runs a red light is the same as that for a car driver, and both will face a penalty of $369. But in addition, car drivers will face a penalty of 3 points, but because the cyclist does not have a driver's license, they do not have this penalty.

Victorian Police spokesman Arty Lavos said he was disappointed that 5 cyclists had run red lights or ignored traffic signs in the past five years. In addition, although the fine for not wearing a helmet has dropped, it is still the biggest safety issue for cyclists.

It is reported that the government is considering amending the traffic laws, making concessions to cyclists, requiring car drivers to maintain a 1-meter gap with bicycles, and allowing teenagers to ride bicycles on the aisle, but not wearing earphones.


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