The police said there may be illegal sex transactions in the KTV karaoke bar in Chinatown, Mexico City.

Nine women walked into a KTV in Chinatown.

This room has a minimum consumption, but the most expensive private room costs at least 1700 yuan. Miss's expenses are extra.

Initially, the KTV manager denied that they had a lady.

The drinks were brought in by the waiter, and there was no sign of escort service in the cabaret.

But after speaking quietly to the security guard, a mother, Sang (girls manager) appeared.

"80 yuan per hour. Cards can be swiped, but cash is best," she said.

Soon, the girls are here, and we can choose as many as we want.

We ordered number 6, she said she was a student from Shenzhen, China.

She doesn't speak English well, but she taught us a dice game.

She sings mostly Chinese songs, but Rihanna and Adele are also her favorites.

Officer David SHeppard of the Victorian Police Razon Task Force said that these young ladies may be sex workers. The police have intelligence that some KTV bars are actually illegal brothels.

The police have tracked down several KTV bars in accordance with the Alcohol Management Regulations, including the young lady who was drunk while serving guests, but no clear evidence of sex trafficking has been found.

"They are all hired by the karaoke bar to take care of the guests and make them happy."

These women are vulnerable to abuse.

Many people do not speak English and hold 457 or student visas.

Their work is not limited to Chinatown and Little Bourke St.

The police are concerned about some KTV bars in Box Hill, Springvale, Clayton and North District.

Officer Sheppard said he has a police officer who can speak Cantonese and Mandarin, and a police officer who can speak Japanese.

But it is very difficult for them to wear plain clothes to investigate, because white people appear suspiciously in KTV.

Perhaps this is why compared with other Mandarin-speaking guests, the service provided on the 6th is very small.

Maybe if we order a 6000 yuan bottle of French Cognac, other services will follow?

This cabaret last offered drinks at 12:30 in the morning, but the lady who received us said that she would work until 4 o'clock.

She said she only had tips.

The lady’s service fee was not included in the receipt, but the cashier wrote a separate amount by hand.

If you do not pay in cash, there is a 20% extra charge.

She has disappeared in the corridor of KTV.

"Due to the police practices in their country, the KTV is very afraid and distrusts the police." Police Officer Sheppard said.

"Most KTVs are good, but there are young ladies in the karaoke hall that make us alert."

"We understand that sexual services do exist, but we don't have definite evidence."

"We will continue to pay attention and investigate clues."

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