According to Australian media reports, perhaps in five years, Australians will be able to know in advance whether they will get cancer, diabetes, heart disease or other major diseases, all of which are due to an advanced genetic test.

According to reports, the managing director and professor of the Australian Gavin Institute recently stated that in the next 12 months, genetic testing in Australia is expected to move from the laboratory research stage to the clinical medicine stage. He said: "This change will completely change the entire society, and its significance is no less than the birth of vaccination in the 20th century."

It is reported that at present, local Australians can send blood samples to overseas medical laboratories for genetic testing. The "Gavin" Institute is committed to obtaining the registration qualification of the National Association of Testing Organizations to provide genomic analysis for any patient.

Mattico said that the current cost of genetic testing is less than 2000 Australian dollars. It can be said that it is not only economically feasible, but also more and more scientifically possible. Through the global computer database, scientific researchers can quickly diagnose , And provide an analysis report on the possibility of the gene donor suffering from genetic diseases.

According to the report, it is worth mentioning that if everyone accepts this genetic test, the cost will be greatly reduced to a few hundred Australian dollars. Within 5 years, Australians can predict their risk of illness.

According to reports, Matico is preparing to apply for funding from medical insurance institutions for genetic testing, which is expected to save millions of lives. Cancer patients will be the first beneficiaries, because oncologists will be able to provide patient genetic samples for testing within the next 12 months.

Mattico pointed out that after genetic testing, cancer cells will be found before they appear in organs such as the intestine or breast. Researchers can discover the genetic map that causes the cells to become cancerous.

The “Gavin” Research Institute found that very stubborn cancers such as pancreatic cancer are usually triggered by the genetic profiles that cause bowel cancer or breast cancer. This discovery is of great help to treatment.

It is also understood that the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney has begun to use genetic testing to analyze the genetic causes of severe intellectual and developmental disabilities in children and try to find new feasible treatments. From the current point of view, about 80% of similar problems cannot be known by traditional diagnostic methods.

However, the report also pointed out that there are many practical and ethical difficulties in the process of relevant genetic testing, such as whether patients themselves can bear the hidden health risks of their own bodies, or whether their employers can achieve non-discrimination after learning the truth. .

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