According to the China Police Network, in order to implement the central government's overall deployment of anti-corruption work, on July 7 this year, the Ministry of Public Security deployed public security agencies across the country to carry out a six-month "Fox Hunt 22" special operation to arrest fugitive overseas economic criminal suspects. As of October 2014, the operation has been carried out for 10 days, and 29 fugitive economic criminal suspects have been arrested and repatriated from more than 100 countries and regions. Among them, 40 were arrested, 180 were persuaded to be repatriated, and 104 were involved with a value of more than 76 million yuan. The number of arrests has exceeded the total of last year.

In the past 100 days, public security organs at all levels across the country have operated efficiently and coordinated. The overseas pursuit of escapees has received strong support from relevant departments and active cooperation with overseas law enforcement agencies, realizing new developments in Africa, South America, South Pacific, and Western Europe. The breakthrough has won unanimous praise from the broad masses of people.

The "Fox Hunt 2014" operation speeded up again, and 100 fugitives of economic crime suspects were arrested in 180 days

Mechanism innovation promotes the in-depth development of special actions

Dispatched more than 40 overseas arrest teams without fail


Since the launch of the operation, the national public security organs have responded quickly, continuously innovated the mechanism, and coordinated and improved the overall effort. The overseas initiative has been accelerated in an all-round way. In this "time match" with the fugitive overseas economic criminal suspects, they have seized the opportunity and seized the initiative.

The "Fox Hunt 2014" Special Operations Office of the Ministry of Public Security, in conjunction with the International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry, will notify the relevant national and regional law enforcement agencies of the information on fugitive economic criminal suspects, and include all fugitive economic criminal suspects on the "special list."

Various localities and various police types have a sound coordination mechanism, each assumes their own responsibilities, complements each other's advantages, simplifies procedures, and closely cooperates to form a simple and quick work process, and work efficiency is effectively improved. The "Overseas Fugitives Work List" system introduced by Zhejiang has played a role in action Important role; Fujian’s “seven enhancements” fully promoted the “Fox Hunt 2014” to achieve new breakthroughs; Chongqing established a working group to implement a contract responsibility system for fugitive economic criminal suspects in its jurisdiction, and Yunnan established a communication mechanism with the prosecutors to implement the responsibility system , Arrested a large number of suspects of economic crimes at large abroad...

At the same time, strengthen communication and exchanges with overseas law enforcement officials, further deepen international cooperation, and create more favorable conditions for the arrest of fugitive overseas economic criminal suspects.

During the operation, the public security organs at all levels firmly established the concept of the rule of law, resolutely implemented the criminal policy of both leniency and strictness, always followed the principle of equal attention to arrest and persuasion, and made full use of the "Supreme Law, Supreme Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs" jointly issued on October 10 The Announcement on Urging Fleeing Economic Criminals to Surrender to the Case" vigorously carried out persuasive work, effectively prompting a large number of fugitive economic criminals to surrender. ...

New ideas and new tactics to achieve effective breakthroughs in key cases

Focus on advancement in key areas, launch centralized arrests in due course, and achieve outstanding results

Study the arrest plan on a person-by-case basis, from "one person, one file" to "one person, one policy", through continuous innovation of ideas and tactics, effective breakthroughs in key cases have been achieved, and new climaxes of overseas pursuits and escapes are continuously set off.

According to the reporter’s understanding, the Ministry of Public Security’s "Fox Hunt 2014" Operation Office and the case-handling unit have formulated special arrest plans for different situations in which economic criminal suspects fleeing to countries or regions; there are relatively more suspects hiding at large and the arrest conditions are better. In the country where it is located, it has sent a special working group to conduct on-site inspections with the law enforcement agencies of the host country, do everything possible to find clues, and organize centralized arrests in a timely manner.

During the operation, the front and back sides worked in a multi-pronged way and cooperated closely at home and abroad, and multi-departmental and multiple police types were operating at high speed, and the overall effort was launched to launch concentrated attacks on the "overseas dens" of fugitive economic crime suspects.

The front makes decisive decisions and catches the fighter at critical moments; the front and the rear seamlessly connect to transmit information, and the front provides intelligence clues from the rear to quickly locate the suspect’s whereabouts and eventually destroy the den and cut off the criminal chain; deepen international police cooperation within the territory Externally coordinated operations, multi-pronged, and constantly broke through the bottleneck in the work, and finally led to a successful breakthrough in the case.

On September 9, four suspects were arrested and returned to China from Thailand. This is the fourth time that Chinese police have successfully arrested them in Thailand since the launch of the "Fox Hunt 27" special operation.

On October 10, four escaped suspects with more than 17 million yuan in pyramid schemes involving tens of thousands of people were escorted back to China by police from Malaysia...

Open thinking and changeable tactics led the special operations to usher in one victory after another. Up to now, 20 batches of arrest teams have been sent to neighboring countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Cambodia to arrest 75 fugitive economic criminal suspects, accounting for 42% of the total number of arrests.

Efficient collaboration provides strong support for special operations

All-weather service coordination, all-round support and guarantee, the "fox hunting" results continue to expand

Every quick departure, emergency escort, and key breakthroughs in key cases in the operation are inseparable from the strong support of relevant departments and the active cooperation of overseas law enforcement agencies. The efficient cooperation between departments provides strong support for the special operation.

——The International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security established a special class for "Fox Hunting 2014". The relevant departments are fully committed, all-weather service coordination, all-round support and guarantees, rapid deployment of police liaison officers stationed abroad to carry out inspections, and active personnel to participate The overseas arrest working group has vigorously promoted the in-depth development of special operations.

—— The Border Inspection Department of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security gave full play to the advantages of the industry, and quickly attacked the fugitive overseas economic criminals. In addition to providing assistance for escorting the entry of suspects, it has further summarized experience, explored new methods, and assisted and cooperated with local public security agencies in investigating and arresting economic criminal suspects who have escaped abroad through a more complete border inspection coordination mechanism. The results have been continuously expanded.

——The Air Police Headquarters of the Civil Aviation Public Security Bureau, adhering to the usual rigorous and meticulous style, earnestly carried out pre-flight security assessments, and escorted the mission characteristics of the "Fox Hunt 2014" special operation to overcome difficulties such as fewer personnel, heavy tasks, and tight schedules, and strengthened personnel preparation The equipment and equipment reserves provide a strong guarantee for the timely completion of the "Fox Hunt 2014" escort mission.

Witness the growth of "Hunter" in 100 days

High-frequency global campaigns to temper the "fox hunting" team

The mission of "Fox Hunting" is characterized by tight timeliness, strong uncertainty, and many uncertain factors. It is this 100-day high-frequency global campaign that allows the "Fox Hunting" team to grow rapidly.

"Bing is expensive and fast"-After receiving the "Fox Hunting" task, it is necessary to immediately form a working group and quickly divide the work. Under the direct command and coordination of the leadership of the Operations Office and the strong cooperation of the Ministry's International Cooperation Bureau, all exit procedures should be completed quickly. And book a round-trip ticket. Since the launch of the operation, the arrest team has repeatedly accepted this "quick start" test.

Go to South Korea for 12 hours to complete the escort, 24 hours to go to Vietnam for "fox hunting" success, "49 hours of global arrest"... It is this kind of "rapid" test that really tempered the team and made the new generation of "hunters" rapidly grow into "famous" catch".

According to Liu Dong, head of the "Fox Hunt 2014" Special Operations Office of the Ministry of Public Security, because the country where the suspect fled does not have a certain regularity, whether it is in Vanuatu, which is located in Oceania, or where the "Ebola" epidemic is severe In the West African countries, there are arresters who are "global warfare". They worked tirelessly to overcome difficulties in life, language and other aspects. With the spirit of "perseverance and facing difficulties", they successfully reversed various unfavorable situations in overseas case handling and created a record of over 40 overseas arrest teams.

"Perseverance and facing up to difficulties" not only demonstrates the "hunter"'s strong determination to "flee and chase", it is also a powerful magic weapon for the team members to "defeat the enemy and win".

In this "time game" with fugitive economic criminal suspects, we are equally delighted to see that the many female players involved in the arrest have resolved the accidents that may occur in the arrest work with the delicate observation and psychological judgment unique to women. The situation, grasp the rhythm and atmosphere of the escort process. Whether it is information warfare, combined warfare or legal warfare, or persuasion to return, overseas arrests, there are active figures of them, and "just leave" has become a powerful indicator of their "successful fox hunting". "The Flower of Fox Hunting" demonstrated another heroic heroism with its own actions.

In 100 days, the special operation entered the stage of comprehensive tackling. In the next step, the Chinese police will further strengthen international police cooperation, actively implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party in law enforcement activities, make full use of the rule of law thinking and methods to always adhere to strict, fair and civilized law enforcement, with a firmer determination, Accurate and powerful measures to speed up the "Fox Hunt 2014" special operation in an all-round way, to prove to the world and the people with more effective results: The Chinese police are going all out to hunt down suspects of economic crimes who have fled, and will surely usher in greater victory.

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