Time flies quickly. When I still miss the short skirts of the summer girls, the autumn wind has risen and the trees are down. Although the girl in the short skirt can be seen even when the snow is flying, no matter how she wears it. No matter how coquettish, you can't wear the taste of summer.

When the weather turns cold, I feel sad inexplicably, probably because of the poetry remaining in my bones. I rarely mention poetry. I only talk about it occasionally when the gathering of friends is dull. It immediately drew everyone into laughter and the atmosphere immediately became alive. Poetry is still useful, I am very pleased.

The sadness this time is more thorough, because the most heard words this year are "youth" and "dreams". How can I feel like a person who has no youth and dreams. In fact, I also have pursuits-I just want to hang out with food and drink, but I feel a little lack of confidence to call this a dream.

It turns out that I have always been a person who feels good about myself. Even if I know that I am getting older, I think that as long as I have a young heart, I will always be 25 years old. Until one day, when I see a girl who is very emotional, the first thought in my heart is unexpected. It was: "Is this girl a little small for me?" At that moment, I desperately realized that I was really old.

There are also many old proofs: most of the celebrities I followed in the past have become hot moms and trendy dads. No matter how thick the foundation is, the vicissitudes of the years cannot be concealed. There are not many stars who can call their names on the court. The song can’t even name a few songs. My friends’ children are already in love...

I used to like Li Bai-life must be full of joy, don't make Jinzun empty to the moon. I am born to be useful, and come back when my wealth is gone. Now I like Du Fu-there is no word for relatives and friends, and there is a lone boat for old and sick. What is fluttering like, a sand gull in the world.

It is definitely a miracle for Du Fu to live to 58 years old with no house, no car, no food or clothing.

I used to like to watch "Happy Camp", now I like to watch "News Network"; before, I like Zhang Ailing, now I like Shi Yuzhu; before, I like to eat, now I like to drink porridge; before I was particularly afraid of trouble, now I like to join in the fun; I used to sleep until 12 o'clock, but now I get up at 6 o'clock to pee on time...

Whenever I hear a young man in his early twenties narrate his ups and downs, I can't help but sigh with emotion: I really have lived my life in vain! I haven't done anything uplifting, I haven't said touching vows, even singing a song will be out of tune, I am ashamed.

What makes me even more ashamed is that many young people under XNUMX have already put the titles of directors and general managers. I can only curse in my heart: "You will be a director and general manager at most in your life! No prime minister!"

There are many young people living very moisturized lives, endless photos, endless happiness, eating a cold skin, but also to take a photo to upload; I want to let Obama know about it when I go to Xinmatai. As long as it is a literary youth, the dream is to open a bookstore, as long as it is a young white-collar worker, the dream is to open a cafe, as long as it is an individual, the dream is to travel the world.

There are still many young people who have had a miserable life. In their twenties, they think they have read countless familiar depths, and their faces have experienced the vicissitudes of life. When I often meet the post-85s who claim to be the uncle, I hide in the dark corner and think viciously: Don't be troubled! Sooner or later you will become a real uncle!

In fact, no amount of words can conceal my old man’s envy and hatred of youth, but the only thing that makes me gratified is that you will not be young for long.

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