On December 2013, 12, Wang Shi, who returned to Shenzhen from Cambridge, met with a few friends for dinner. One of the themes of the exchange was to review everyone's 25. Wang Shi was the last to speak, telling three stories and three points of experience.

Open yourself, stay curious, embrace the world

There is an accomplished Chinese at Cambridge University. It is not easy to become an academician after working at Cambridge University for more than ten years. But I found that he lacked communication with other British colleagues in the college. I went to study for three months and I became very familiar with British teachers. After I entered their circle, I would greet them familiarly. This Chinese academician was very strange. He asked me how to be so familiar with everyone. He said that he had been in Cambridge for so many years and had not much contact with these British teachers. Why is it difficult for this academician to enter the circle of British teachers?

I think it is because of the Chinese stomach of Chinese academicians. Chinese academicians do not eat western food, and have to go home to eat Chinese food every meal. British teachers mostly eat in clubs. The meal is the time of communication and chat. Sometimes a dinner will be eaten until 10 in the evening. Eating is the best time for thought and emotional exchange. Whenever I go to a new country and place, I insist on eating local food.Want to embrace the world, there must be someone who embraces the worldstomach.Embracing the stomach of the world helped me quickly integrate into the teaching circle of Cambridge University.

Sticking to a habit is equivalent to closing a door to the world. To open yourself up and accept new things is to integrate into the new world. Be curious about the external world, be willing to communicate, share, and connect, and strive to understand and accept things that are new to oneself, be open to all rivers, and incorporate new external knowledge, new feelings, new resources and new forces. The one Chinese stomach of the Chinese academician made him miss many opportunities to communicate and share connections with colleagues and friends.

If you can’t think rationally, you’re not a human being

During my studies at Harvard, I experienced Harvard’s freedom and unrestrainedness. When I first arrived in Cambridge, I felt that Cambridge was too traditional, a school with more than XNUMX years of history, with many rules and disciplines and heavy grades. Worried about not being able to adapt. As I go deep into it, I slowly realize that the strict hierarchy shown in these clear rules and precepts is not a hierarchy of administration and personality, but an academic hierarchy and respect for knowledge.

For example, only academicians have parking spaces, and only academicians are qualified to walk on the lawn. In formal gatherings, the level of knowledge achievement of different people can be seen from the dressing. Some of these traditions are formal systems, and some are established by convention. Cambridge's hierarchical system is an academic hierarchical system that respects knowledge contributors. The atmosphere of high respect for knowledge contributions in Cambridge University has a special cultural power.

"I think, therefore I am." According to Descartes' definition of man, rational thinking is the fundamental characteristic of being a man. When a man is not in rational thinking, he is not a man. The result of rational thinking is to discover and create knowledge. The discovery and creation of knowledge has made humans become humans, enabling humans to have a civilizational evolution different from the animal world.

In a society, what achievements are most respected by everyone?From the answers of ordinary people, we can see the civilization level of this society.

When “this child has an official status, he needs to be an official when he grows up” becomes a compliment, and when the highest authority of the school is an administrative leader rather than an expert professor, this is an official-based society, where officials have power and resources and are envied by the public . Officials are wealth distributors and order maintainers. Officials are not the creators of knowledge and wealth. An official-oriented society will not be a society with continuous breakthroughs in knowledge, nor will it be a society with sustainable development.

Those who bring new knowledge and those who bring new wealth, these two are respected, the power of the human mind flows to knowledge innovation and economic innovation.The essence of future institutional changes is to re-adjust the social value system, respect and negate what, so as to guide the new allocation of resources.

From barbaric growth to professional growth

In Cambridge, there is a feeling of dreaming, and it seems that I am still immersed in the dream. I like rowing. I have participated in races in Boston and won prizes in Japan. One day, the dean said to me, I heard that you like rowing. While you were a visiting scholar in Cambridge, would you like to join the rowing club? I said yes. The dean made arrangements and told me when and where to go for training. I followed the dean's instructions and did not let me go in the water, but received training first. The coach trained me for an hour and a half, and I was tired! I haven't been so tired for a long time, and my legs cramped! After the training, I pushed my bike and turned back to the dormitory, humming. It's humming a song to go back! That comfort! I have never been trained like this! This training method is so good!

I told people about this. They said that there are more than 30 clubs in Cambridge. Check the situation of that club. I checked it on the Internet. This is the "Cambridge Rowing Club". It has a history of XNUMX years. It is the world's highest-level rowing team and a club that has produced world champions and Olympic champions. You say, is this a dream?

Also, a teacher trained me to speak English. I said, I studied American English and I was not familiar with British English. The teacher said:"There is only one English in the world, and British English is wrong."The unique and effective training method reminds me of the method in the movie "The King's Speech". No one has ever trained me like this, and I have never learned so fast!

I walked through an academy, it was "Trinity College", it was the place where Newton walked, stayed, and rested under the apple tree. Great ideas were inspired by the fallen apples! I am still in a dream, not from the dream. Slow down!

The continuous accumulation of professional knowledge and skills is the most valuable asset of human civilization.From barbaric growth to professional growth, China is facing a major barrier.

Life 60 is the beginning

Wang Shi has a strong excitement about learning new things and good things. He hopes that more friends will share this feeling, and he wants to organize some friends to go to Cambridge to experience it. An open heart, always young, and always feel so dreaming!

There are also the following sentences written by Wang Shi on the dining table.

If you don't abandon yourself, no one can abandon you.

Pursue perfection and allow for incompleteness. Life is 60, is the beginning. When I was 52, I finished climbing Mount Everest and said: Fifty is the beginning of a successful man. Now 63 years old, I feel that now is just the beginning.

Why do people live? Longevity is very important, but as long as you live wonderfully, longevity is not important.

In the past, my mentality was to embrace the Western world in all directions. When I studied at Harvard, what I cared about was "where do I come from". I started to care about Chinese culture. I wanted to understand Chinese traditional culture, because we came from this tradition. After taking the Chinese traditional philosophy course, I must renew myself and re-understand everything.

After arriving at Harvard, I realized that climbing the mountain of knowledge is much more difficult than climbing Everest. Decided to abandon the original plan to climb Mount Everest again, to concentrate time and energy on the mountain of knowledge.

Studying at Harvard is really hard! I often finish my homework at 3 o'clock in the morning. I still can't sleep and I have to go to class on time. I'm really afraid of depression. During the exam, someone finished it in 20 minutes and left. By 50 minutes, I was the only one left in the classroom. I hadn't finished it yet and I was anxious to finish it. I also thought about giving up, but in the end I forced myself to learn by rote and not give up.

There are always some psychological hints, you don’t have to work your brains hard when you get old. It's successful, no need to work so hard. After passing through Harvard and Cambridge, I feel strongly that my mind has returned to 20 years ago.

One of the well-known Chinese in Cambridge is Xu Zhimo. He wrote poems. When thinking of Cambridge, the Chinese will think of Xu Zhimo.In fact, a few poems do not rank in the temple of human knowledge like Cambridge.One is Jin Yong. Jin Yong came to Cambridge to study at the age of 82. After completing his master's and doctoral degrees, he won all of them rigidly.

An open heart, always young, always have a little dreaming feeling! Pursue perfection and allow for incompleteness. Like Wang Shi: 60 is the beginning of life.

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