Victorian authorities remind the public to take precautions against the fire season. Dozens of fires have already occurred in Victoria because of the hot, high temperature and windy weather. The Victorian Emergency Services Centre (Emergency Services) put out 40 bush and bush fires on Friday alone, which is the most fire day since the beginning of summer this year. The central, southwest and northwestern parts of Victoria are all in areas with higher fire risk factors.

A spokesperson for the Country Fire Authority of Victoria said, "Our staff are all vigilant. But summer is like this, we don't know what will happen next." It is reported that most fires are caused by cigarette butts. Triggered, and the fire rose quickly. There has been no damage to houses or livestock injuries.

The Bureau of Meteorology said that on Friday, high temperatures and unexpected conditions hindered firefighters' firefighting work. At that time, the temperature in many areas exceeded 30 degrees. Senior weather forecaster Richard Carlyon said, "The temperature we saw was about 10 to 12 degrees higher than the average in previous years, and the wind reached 30 to 50 kilometers per hour." It was recorded in Mildura after 3 pm that day. With a maximum temperature of 38 degrees, Melbourne reached a high of 4 degrees at 30:32.9 pm.

The northern, northeastern and Gippsland areas are all in high fire risk areas, while the central Victoria, Mallee, Wimmera and southwestern areas are also very high. Euan Ferguson, commander of the Rural Fire Department, urged Victorians to take house protection measures to prepare for the fire season, conduct evacuation exercises, and regularly inspect their community environment in summer.

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