Remember, only by shooting the "negative energy" can you get positive energy, be positive and make progress together!

1Complaint-the most lethal negative energy with the widest radiation

The "Xianglin's Wife" in the team is both male and female. They always love the dissatisfaction in work and life, and self-pity. Whoever has no pressure at work, complains and curses all day long, so that people who work at ease are also prone to negative emotions. Complaint is the easiest to spread, the fastest, the most widespread and the most lethal "negative energy" in the team. Complaining makes oneself and others fall into negative emotions. Passive sabotage, one person will infect one department, and one department will infect the entire enterprise. For the sake of the overall situation, such a person has to tell him to fuck off.

2Negativity-the negative energy that most easily shakes the "military spirit"

"Performance has not improved, the company may have no future! If this continues, I am afraid that the salary will not be paid!" In the office, there are always people who are passive and lazy, lacking confidence in the development of the company, and worry about gains and losses. Such people tend to have relatively weak inner energy and low mobility, and they always waste time and opportunities while looking forward and backward. The negative mental state of employees is very detrimental to the team atmosphere. When everyone is struggling for the goal, such people will spread all kinds of uneasiness and disturb the "military spirit". For the team with tough tasks, such people are extremely threatening. Big.

3Impetuous-the most unbearable negative energy of loneliness

Those who sway left and right and those who are eager for success are undoubtedly one of the negative energy of the enterprise. Today's society is impetuous enough. Everyone is eager to get a "success" and wants to get rich overnight. In the office, this kind of people who are eager to take credit and do not work hard can easily destroy the team's collaboration and balance, and it is also easy to lead other people to become impetuous "rush marches" like him, without down-to-earth accumulation. No matter what stage of development the company is in, such people will certainly not be welcomed.


4Indifference-the negative energy most likely to evolve into cold violence in the office

The indifference of team interpersonal relationships has a great negative impact on team building. It is manifested as deliberate non-cooperation in work collaboration, alienating colleagues, and even deliberately setting obstacles to colleagues. Indifferent problems will become "cold violence" if they are not dealt with in a timely manner, leading to the deterioration of interpersonal relationships of the entire team, the deviation of people's minds, and the lack of combat effectiveness, which greatly affects team performance. Many people have been hit hard by the "cold violence" in the office, and they will choose to resign if they are too burdened. For the company, it is obviously also a major cause of brain drain.

5Inferiority-the negative energy of the most powerless performance

Because I was worried about offending people in the team, and worried about being criticized by the leader for doing something wrong, I always cringe when doing things. I was afraid of the wolf and the tiger. Such people are actually not popular. In teamwork, people prefer to work with confident and responsible people. As for the boss, your low self-esteem is probably due to lack of ability, and it will definitely be uncomfortable to reuse in the future.

6Envy-the negative energy that most confines one's own development

"Why is this opportunity given to him again? He is in charge, so what else would he like?" In this society where success is only a hero, competition at work often turns into jealousy. Other people's progress and advantages make one's face dull, and immediately hate. There must be strong and weak points in the competition, but if you want your own comprehensive competitiveness to become stronger, you must start from your own practice, blindly hostile to the progress and advantages of others, but will make yourself fall into negative emotions, which is the most disadvantageous for your own development.

In the face of high-pressure work, piles of affairs, inextricable interpersonal relationships, and fiercely competitive business competitions, every minute of working in the workplace is like fighting. If you find yourself stuck in "negative energy" for a long time, it is necessary to re-examine your career positioning, analyze the gains and losses and pros and cons, fine-tune your personal career plan, and let the plan keep up with the pace of development in order to make yourself comfortable .

If you find that you don't like the job at all, then it is necessary to re-position your career, reorganize your core competitiveness, and find a new direction before moving on.


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