Strange things happened every year, the dog "driving" bruised the owner, and the owner was compensated 14.

According to a report from Channel 9, a Victorian woman in her 50s put three dogs in the back seat of the car after Colac took three dogs for a walk, but when she had time to sit in the driver’s seat, one of the dogs The car's hand brake was touched, causing the woman to be scratched down by the car, while one of her arms was still in the door.

After being dragged by the car for several meters, the woman fell. Unfortunately, the car ran over her body and injured her back, neck, shoulders and left hip.

Subsequently, the woman applied for a no-fault claim to the Transport Accident Commission, asking them to help pay high medical expenses, including hip replacement and shoulder replacement.

Attorney Ann Cunningham, who is in charge of processing this application, said that although there are "funny elements" in this case, it does reflect the benefits of no-fault claims to people.

After several years of investigation, TAC paid the woman a lump sum of 14.359 in compensation this week.

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