United States: Rich people like to adopt children in China;

China: The rich like to go to the United States to have children.

United States: high wages, low prices;

China: Low wages, high prices.

United States: XNUMX million out of XNUMX million people have guns, and there are no posts in front of the government;

China: Only the military and police have guns for a population of XNUMX billion. Government agencies have guns everywhere.

United States: The mayor must please everyone when he meets;

China: Whoever meets the mayor must please.

United States: People can engage in extramarital affairs, but officials cannot;

China: Officials can engage in extramarital affairs, but ordinary people cannot.

United States: Public intellectuals have a mission to criticize the government;

China: The mission of public intellectuals is to praise the government.

United States: The school has no political education, and the elites are very patriotic;

China: Schools emphasize political education, but elites have emigrated.

United States: Radio, newspapers, books and magazines are all privately run, and the people are in charge of everything they say and write

China: Radio, newspapers, books and magazines are all run by the party, and everything is reviewed and approved by the party.

United States: The country is poor and the people are rich. The government would rather borrow China's huge sums of money to protect the welfare of the people;

China: The country is rich and the people are poor. The government would rather sacrifice the people's livelihood than buy devaluation of the US national debt!

U.S. government: It is not afraid to offend any country, but is only afraid to offend its own people;

The Chinese Government: If you are good at home, you don't want to offend any country, you are not afraid to offend the people of your country! !

Think it makes sense to turn! The writing is too classic.

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