In the past few days, Beijing has once again encountered severe haze weather. So, as always, everyone is busy uploading their own pictures of Beijing’s wonders in the fog on social networks, teasing that this is a "wonderland", and even some public accounts have begun to teach everyone "how to take good-looking photos in the smog days". All kinds of funny jokes are also circulating wildly.

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It seems that everyone is used to it, acquiesced, accepted, this is the city we must survive. Probably, the Chinese are really the best people in the world who are good at enduring and having fun in hardship.

But, sorry, I refuse to join the ridicule. The lives of tens of millions of people are under threat. The air that each of us is breathing has turned into poisonous gas. I don't think this is a funny thing.

Humor and self-deprecating are sometimes a kind of power, but at other times, when it incarnates frivolous ridicule or self-deception and optimism that escapes reality, it becomes a poison, paralyzing our instinct to perceive pain and danger, and disintegrating our thinking. And the ability to act.


When Beijing encountered such severe smog last time, the Huffington Post published a set of pictures that shocked many Americans. There were more than 1000 comments on that article. Unlike the messages on Chinese portal news, there are almost no curse or slobber posts in the messages on US news sites. Every message is a serious discussion of the problem, so news that can reach hundreds or even thousands of messages is rare. .

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I translated part of the message, you can take a look-those thoughts, originally, should be what we should do.

@VeryAverage:How can anyone live in such a place?

Reply 1@abbienormal:Unfortunately, they have no choice.

Reply 2@throwcautiontothewind: The incidence of cancer and neonatal defects in many industrial cities in ChinaIt is astronomical.

@aztecdiva:The United Nations and the World Health Organization should take measures to impose sanctions. The local population cannot be immune to cancer and birth defects. When I was a kid, California had a bad environment, but at least I could see and feel the sun.

@dsouthard:incredible. I went to Beijing a few years ago and it was not so bad at the time, but the sun is always shrouded in mist. It took me a full week after I got home to get rid of the sulfide from my nose.

@Openeyes:This may be more than the population reduction of family planning.

@rallen26142:I want to know the incidence of asthma and emphysema. Of course not to mention throat cancer and lung cancer.

@I see stupid people:Whose fault is this, China? Look at everything you do to your country. Is there any place in China that has not become a septic tank?

@WoodyCPM:God, how can one live in such a place?

Reply@PeaTarty: It depends on how you define being alive. so horrible.

@Tikiman:There is only one atmosphere in the world. Their pollution will inevitably become our pollution in the end. Fatal pollution.

@doctor pangloss:China will soon need millions of cardiologists, because smoke is the main cause of heart disease.

@zquad:An interesting fact: the actual pollution is more serious than the picture. In order to take these photos, photographers had to blow in clean air, use high-power photography lights, andPSSome photos of them.

@throwcautiontothewind:We just received an exchange student from China. My daughter lived with her for a while. The Chinese student was shocked to see Americans swimming in rivers and lakes, because of pollution, this is impossible in China.

@WesterlyWind:But now China has a chance to live the same life as the West!

@Gus DiZerega:Look, at least from this point of view, this is a paradise for liberals. Don't be afraid of annoying legal regulations that increase operating expenses.

Reply1 @Oscar Verywilde:Things are much more complicated. They are too dependent on coal, and perhaps their public transportation is terrible, which is ironic considering that they are a centralized country.

Reply2 @Seppowatcher:Public transportation in China is very good, at least in big cities. Although the taxi driver always needs a meeting to figure out where you want to go.

@Dangaio:Abolish the management, cancel the allocation of the US Environmental Protection Agency, and in a few decades, the United States will become like this.

@Thomas Pain:It seems that China is experiencing a chronic suicide caused by lung disease.

@zquad:Let us thank God that our National Environmental Protection Agency and the government put people above business, and put people above profits anyway.

@akasidney:These pictures are better than countless lies of those who think that "the US government is the problem." These pictures also vividly illustrate what the Republican Party's so-called "the current government has killed industry and commerce" and other nonsense really means. Is this what they want American cities to become?

@xswqazxsw:The United States used to be like this, until the factories moved to China. Not as serious as these pictures, but it is really serious.

@obinna000:Per year8%-9%OfGDPincrease. Is it worth it?

@BeasleysMom:Speakers, do you know that China is facing such a huge environmental pollution problem because they do not have corresponding government regulations? Polluters do what they want. Those who want a small government as small as a bathtub, do you hope that the United States and the next generation of the United States will also face such problems?

@Seppowatcher:I think an indirect problem is the lack of property rights, not the lack of regulations. Coupled with the use of commercial freedom to make up for the lack of political freedom. China has enough regulations, but the problem is that they can change as they wish.

@DrCardio:This is the result of a long-term government shutdown.

Reply@EricWB:Or the Republicans come to power. In other words, no regulations.

@KOisGod:Just looking at these pictures, I felt my eyes burn and started coughing. This is the price of unrestrained industrialization. As long as there is profit, who needs clean air?

@gaydood:We sent it to China67000Factories1000Thousands of jobs, but no pollution control tools were sent over! ! !67000Factories7day24They produce things hourly, they only give workers every month29US dollars!

@brotherskeeper:Companies do not need air to survive, they only want your money. Unfortunately, the death of millions of people every year caused by smog is a price China is willing to pay. Chinese customers(Think about American companies)Is the beneficiary of the poor quality of life of the Chinese.

@opendiscourse:According to a previous report, I am afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg. China currently does not have an energy source that can replace coal-domestic oil production is limited, and the cost of imported natural gas is much higher than that of coal.

@SueEll 1354:What shocked me most is that people wear masks to fight pollution, instead of insisting on cleaner air. They really put on masks.

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