On the afternoon of November 2014, 11, at the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Hall (Royal Examination Hall of the University of Melbourne), the test ended with a bell rang. More than 5 exams were relieved. But the school did not let everyone leave, so everyone started to discuss what's going on? Is someone caught cheating? At this time, a Chinese girl was taken out of the examination room by two invigilators, and there was another uproar. Just as everyone’s eyes were following this girl, the broadcast suddenly sounded: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention for just a few minutes?

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This. . . what's the situation? ? ?

At this time, a man in a suit and leather shoes appeared beside the girl, kneeling on one knee. . . What?! Has this examination room turned into a church in a second? I saw the girl covering her mouth and looking at the man. . .

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It turned out that this man came by plane from Brisbane and asked the Royal Examination Room several days in advance. The Royal Examination Room reviewed and approved the school. Finally, the school agreed to the proposal. It turns out that all the invigilators knew this in advance. Happy event, and helped the actor to conceal it, until finally the actor proposed to the heroine in front of 3000 people.

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This Mo University is too humane, and even the invigilator took out his mobile phone to take pictures! And it also created the 200-year history of Mexico University.

Let's take another look at the heroine's testimony


Let's take a look at what the students said

  • My roommate happened to take the exam. Her thoughts were: Damn, open the door and let me pee... She also said that if her man did this, she would slap him... I probably knew she was still The reason for being single...
  • It's crazy. Proposal in the examination room of the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Hall in Melbourne. Girl, why don't you refuse? Do not play cards according to the routine. . .
  • The examiner is so funny, why do you propose to marry him after the exam? I didn't understand this logic, but since it also created the history of Mexico University, it's worth trying to be awesome. It seems that proposing marriage these years is a creative idea. . .
  • If it were a cheating madman like me, so many people would come to watch, and they would definitely be caught and plagiarized on the spot, could not graduate, and then tortured his boyfriend to death.
  • It’s too romantic to marry me
  • Hahaha I am also drunk. Seat number 2231 means that I only heard the sound and did not see any bad reviews! Just ask the teacher to let me pass!
  • The same people from the University of Mexico, why don't some people have this romantic factor? Later, I figured it out, I am not taking an exam at the royal exhibition...

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