1. Either do your best, or get out early. Sooner or later someone will take you at any location. You have to understand that doing business is not doing charity. If you are willing to be charity, I suggest you beg for food.

2. Don’t treat your boss and boss as a fool. He is not really stupid. If he doesn’t be held accountable, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t remember. It’s just that he gives you the opportunity to hone your tricks. He is already hundreds of times more professional than you. , Otherwise he would not dare to sit in this position.

3. Don’t talk to people about how suffering you are. If you say that after a long time, you will definitely become the most suffering one in the company. After so long, you can’t come up with a solution. It can only show that you have a problem with your IQ or a defective EQ, because there is no People care about your painful process and only care about your proud results, including yourself.

4. For work, make a promise and do what you say. Every time you let go, who else will believe that you can do a good job? Why let the company give you the best resources.

5. Don't think that you are very good, you really have to think that you are good. Take the results of your work and look at it. This is more convincing than you can say XNUMX times, and it can be recognized by the company.

6. Flattering less, I believe no matter how loud the flattery is, it will not be as good as one-tenth of your outstanding work.

7. Don't worry about small money. No one cares about your three dollars and fifty two cents. People who care too much about small money will worry about small money for the rest of their lives, because small money thinking will easily become a habit for you. Investment is not only about stock market funds and gold.

8. Loyalty to the leader is your lifeline in the company. Without performance or results, you can still exist. Without it, even if you are no good, you will soon become notorious.

9. Be cruel to yourself and force yourself to work hard. In another five years, you will be grateful to yourself who is cruel today and hate yourself who is lazy and inferior today.

10. Please stop saying "I have no credit and hard work." Please remember that hard work is a burden for an enterprise, it will make the enterprise gradually forget it, and credit is the condition and value of your existence.

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