On November 11, Beijing time, heads of state from all over the world wore traditional costumes with Chinese characteristics to shoot APEC "family portraits" in Beijing. At that time, Albert stood very close to Putin. This is the first "close contact" between the heads of Australia and Russia after the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH11 and the death of 17 Australians.

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Today, my brother is the one who has seen lie to me. The corners of Albert's mouth are tight, and his hands are curled unnaturally, which shows that my heart is very nervous. Of course, standing in front of Puti is the normal state of being nervous. Probably only we, Chairman Mao, can be at ease... Of course, Xi Da is quite comfortable as the host~

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According to reports, Albert's proposal to hold a face-to-face meeting with Putin was rejected, but the two negotiated briefly on the crash of the MH17 plane. Allegedly, although the two did not communicate during the photo shoot, they talked before the dinner.

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The report described that Albert initially had difficulty finding his place in a row of leaders, and "after some struggle" he finally stood next to Canadian Prime Minister Harper. Embarrassingly, Putin was standing in front of him. The two leaders avoided eye contact throughout, but Albert was photographed staring straight at Putin.

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According to reports from reporters at the scene, Putin walked to talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping after taking the photos, "completely ignoring Albert." The report also wrote: "It is disappointing that Albert did not start the legendary'hand-to-hand fight' with Putin." Australia's new fast net wrote directly in the title: "What about good hand-to-hand combat?"

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Dissatisfied with the slow progress of the MH17 investigation, Albert last month promised to "put him down" when Putin came to Australia to attend the G20 summit. But as the date of the two meet getting closer, Albert's tone became more and more relaxed. Although the G20 has not yet started, Albert also vowed to have a "very passionate dialogue" with the Russian president during the APEC summit to ensure that Putin can do everything he can to assist in the investigation. Since then, the relationship between the two has been tense.

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