I don’t know when, the bosses of the building materials industry have also started to follow the fashion and become like learning. Almost all colleges and universities that offer MBA classes, president classes, elite classes, and leadership classes (such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Southwest University of Finance, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, major, and even pure engineering universities are also participating in this activity) income generating system, There are active figures of bosses in the building materials industry. They are very active and enthusiastic to help those flexible-minded and self-deeming poor professors in colleges and universities to generate income after class, so that many "senior engineers of the human soul" turn "knowledge into money".

The bosses use the weekend to bid farewell to the mahjong table, switch to new desks and wine tables, and show their noble pursuits through WeChat and Weibo, as well as the relationship with classmates from all walks of life. This is not only an honor, but also a fashion (Of course, most of them are out of understandable show off); everyone loves to learn and hopes to change their destiny through knowledge, build a wider network of resources, and make their careers higher. This is understandable and not a bad thing.

However, after contacting many bosses who participated in various presidential classes, we found such an "interesting" phenomenon: Before participating in the study, most of these building materials bosses were ambitious and ambitious, hoping to learn management and marketing skills. Later, put it into practice, completely change the destiny of one's own company, become stronger, bigger, and go public. However, soon after the start of learning, many bosses' minds seemed to be changing. They gradually lost interest in the industry they were engaged in and began to divert their energy.

If you are not interested in industry, what are you interested in?

Building materials owners began to be interested in investment (most of the so-called investment, in essence, "loan usury").

In the various presidential classes offered by several colleges of the University of Finance and Economics, almost every class has established an organization similar to the "Classmate Investment Association"-usually initiated by the class teacher, and the class leader and deputy head (often those who think they are richer) , Because when the monitor and deputy monitor have to donate and spend money, ranging from tens of thousands to as many as hundreds of thousands) actively organize inquiries, raise funds from classmates, and then set up investment management companies, but such investment management companies usually do not Do not invest in entities, nor invest money in entities, but to lend usury, or cooperate with banks to issue short-term loans.

In the past few years, the economic situation of the motherland has been very good. The real estate industry is very prosperous. Various industries can still make some money (although they can't afford loan sharks, they can barely afford them), and their assets can increase in value, so the "Classmate Investment Association" is very profitable. Many classmates and building materials owners who participated in the investment made some money.

Because such money was so easy to come by, many building materials owners lost interest in their original industry and began to draw more funds from the industry to invest in the "Classmate Investment Association". As a result, the original industry began to decline; and because of the boss's energy Transfer, the original team lost confidence in the future, important people left one after another, related partners such as distributors also looked for other branches, the company began to decline.

At this time, the bosses are still not panic, because "the East is not bright, the West is bright", even though the company is difficult to operate, "loan shark" still has gains, and it is faster and easier than doing business.

However, this year, especially in recent months, when many investment management companies went bankrupt, their bosses ran off, jumped off the building, and some other alliance (the largest "Classmate Investment Association" in Sichuan) went bankrupt a few days ago, many bosses suddenly discovered I have lost everything.

The previous tens of millions of assets suddenly disappeared and everything returned to the starting point. The stronger people had to "choke silently" to see if there was a chance to start all over again; the cowardly people would only be "disheartened" and never recovered. , The nearest relatives should strengthen the protection of companionship.

In the face of these bosses, there are a lot of words that cannot bear to say at this time, and they are afraid of hurting others. They merged into one sentence to comfort other people: "Don't read the'CEO class', and be careful to'get out of a president' of your industry and life."

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