Volunteer recruitment for the 2014 Victorian General Election!

Dear international students,

2014 is a year of hope for the Chinese community in the mainstream political arena in Victoria, and many new political stars representing the Chinese community are expected to be elected as councillors! I believe you will not want to miss the precious opportunity to participate in the four-year Victorian general election!

Chinese leader, veteran representative Mr. Hong Lim (Hong Lim).

Screen Shot at 2014 11-05-09.05.35

Victoria's first Chinese mayor, Mr. Stanley Chiang, will run for the West District Senator of the Victorian House of Lords.

Screen Shot at 2014 11-05-09.05.42

The first Chinese female mayor, Jennifer Yang, will also participate in the House of Representatives election as a candidate for the Mount Waverley constituency!

Screen Shot at 2014 11-05-09.05.52

As an international student, your participation and support will greatly increase the chance of being elected as a Chinese candidate!

Volunteer work (from Obama’s campaign skills):

  1. Telephone campaign
  2. Voter visits
  3. Send voting information to voters on election day

You will get:

  1. A volunteer certificate from the headquarters of the Victorian Labour Party.
  2. A thank you letter from the constituency candidate you helped.
  3. A valuable democratic election experience.
  4. Opportunity to meet Victorian political leaders.
  5. Excellent volunteers can get internship opportunities in the parliamentarian's office.

Registration requirements:

  1. Participate in the election time to meet 20 hours.
  2. Responsible and good communication skills.
  3. Basically fluent in English, able to meet daily communication and communication.
  4. Drivers are preferred.

Registration deadline: 5pm 10th Nov 2014 (Friday 5pm November 11th)

ways of registration:

Please send your name, phone number, and residential area to

Tony Zhang: 0402 225 039

Nancy Yang: 0430 177 998

Registration deadline: 5pm 10th Nov 2014 (Friday 5pm November 11th)