According to the latest report from "Australian" later today, regarding the 2015 report that the Immigration Department will remove the accounting profession from the skilled migration list, the Albert government denied that the accounting profession will remain in the skilled migration list.

This morning, international students majoring in accounting panicked due to an error report. The error report mentioned that the accounting major has been removed from the skilled immigration list. International students are worried about their future work and life in Australia.

In response to this erroneous report, a spokesperson for Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash said that until the first half of next year, the industry sector will not give suggestions on changes to the skilled migration list.

Michaelia Cash will only make a final decision after receiving the advice of the Ministry of Industry.

Some top accounting groups such as Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia, etc. have always supported keeping the accounting profession in the list of skilled immigrants.

Amanda White, a lecturer in accounting at the University of Technology Sydney, said that any measures to remove the accounting major as a skilled migration will have a significant impact on the number of international students in Australia, because the proportion of international students in the accounting major is very large.

She also said that the reason why some international students choose to study accounting in Australia is that they can apply what they have learned when they return to China in the future. Many people also hope to immigrate to Australia and find a related job in Australia.

However, even though some accounting groups say they have been short of accounting talents, accounting graduates are complaining about the difficulty of finding jobs.

A spokesperson for Immigration Bureau Michaelia Cash said that the report released this morning that the accounting profession was removed from the skilled immigration list was incorrect.

"There is no plan to remove the accounting profession from the skilled immigration list in 2015," she said.

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