Own now! Look at the mansions of Chinese tyrants and Jack Ma's houses‏

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Zhang Yuliang Chairman of Greenland Group

It is worthy of being China's largest real estate company. It is only a matter of time before Vanke surpasses. Zhang Dong's house is also scary! Huazhou Junting, 1389㎡, covers an area of ​​5 acres.


Cao Guowei Sina Weibo boss

Star River, Pudong, Rolls Royce of China Real Estate.

Zong Qinghou Wahaha boss

In 2012, the low-key purchase of China Resources Bund Jiuli, more than .300 flat! Yes, you heard it right, only 300 square meters, such a big local tyrant, too low-key!


Wang Dada, Chairman of Yangtze River Group

Motorcycle manufacturing industry NO.1! Tan Palace deserves its name, the mansion is only built for local tyrants!


Jack Ma Chairman of Alibaba
Jiujiantang, a Chinese-style mansion in the inner ring, is 848 square meters, covering an area of ​​nearly 3 acres.
Ye Lipei, Chairman of Zhongsheng Group
Jiujiantang covers an area of ​​2 acres with a construction area of ​​780 square meters.
Dai Zhikang, Chairman of Zendai Group
The founder of Chinese Chinese gardens, Jiujiantang is a single building along the river, covering an area of ​​789 mu.
Zhou Qingzhi Chairman of Nandu Group

The central location of Jiujiantang is a single building surrounded by water, with a construction area of ​​650 square meters and an area of ​​1100 square meters.


Zhang Hanyang Yiwang Yage Group Chairman
Jiujiantang is located along the river, and it is neighbors with Mr. Dai Zhikang! The same is true for the area units.
Ge Weidong, Chairman of Chaos Company

From scratch, a legend from one million to tens of billions! Jiujiantang Fulou King! 1029 square meters, covering an area of ​​3 acres, there is also a house in the Yucui Garden.


Xing Libin Chairman of Liansheng Group
The king of Jiujiendang main building! 1168㎡, covering an area of ​​3 mu.
Li Tianhong is one of the ten best retail investors

The central location of Jiujiantang is a single building surrounded by waterscape, 650 square meters, covering an area of ​​2 acres.


Che Jianxing Red Star Macalline Chairman

The Greentown Rose Garden occupies an area of ​​8 acres of large mansion, and the local tyrants are really legends who bought multiple sets in one go.


Zhu Mengyi, owner of Hopson Development Group
The most unique mansion in Pudong, the boss chose the best location in his project to build his own imperial mansion. It covers an area of ​​8 acres and has a construction area of ​​2000 square meters.
Liu Yiqian, the king of corporate stocks

Tomson Golf Villa, located in the heart of Pudong hinterland, nestled in the Dongjiao Hotel, close to the inner ring elevated, is a representative work of the first generation of luxury residences in Pudong. Reliable news, the master collector has three sets of Louwang products in Tomson, all along the court, and there is also a set of duplex on the top floor of Building A in Tomson, the real big tyrant! Buying antiques started in the hundreds of millions.


Liu Yonghao, Liu Yongxing, Director of New Hope Group

It is also the Tomson Golf Villa. Tens of billions of assets, covering an area of ​​nearly 4 acres, 1227 square meters of magnificent mansion, majestic!


Chen Tianqiao used to be a Shanghai online game giant

There are small houses along the court, but the mansions in Mr. Chen's bag are far more than these. It is said that the Yanjia Garden in the city center, covering an area of ​​8 acres, is also the property of Mr. Chen.


Ma Mingzhe Chairman of Ping An China
The Tomson Golf Course has a 863 square meter mansion, and there is also a D-type mansion in the eastern suburbs of Hopson, with indoor and outdoor double swimming pools.
Qiu Guogen, Chairman of Chongyang Capital

Mr. Ma Mingzhe’s neighbors, things are gathered by kind, people are divided by groups, and local tyrants are also gathered together!


Yu Guoxiang was the owner of Shanghai Hilton Hotel

Owning a private jet, buying the right to operate the Hangzhou Ring Expressway, etc. Get a sneak peek at the Tomson Golf Course Mansion.


Shen Nanpeng, Chairman of Sequoia Capital

The big Chinese venture capitalist, but the residence does not match the identity, the Tomson Golf 478 square meters is indeed slightly smaller.
Xu Feng, Chairman of Tomson Group

The Chairman of Tomson Group’s own mansion, 1227 square meters, 5 acres of land, private security pavilion, and first-line view of the stadium.


Zhu Yicai, Chairman of Yurun Group
The mansion of Tomson Golf Villa covers an area of ​​4 mu with an area of ​​1227 square meters.
Liang Jianzhang, owner of Ctrip.com
The Yucui Garden is 806 square meters and covers an area of ​​2 acres. The newly purchased Tesla is very popular.
Xu Xin Angel Investor

A woman in the angel investment industry in China, JD.com's success today is inseparable from her support at that time. Yu Cui Yuan, the neighbor of Mr. Liang Jianzhang.


Mo Tianquan SouFun boss

China's largest real estate e-commerce platform, listed on Nasdaq, has a market value that surpasses Guangzhou Evergrande Group, the king of the F-type building in Yucuiyuan! It covers an area of ​​3 acres, with a construction area of ​​1069 square meters.


Ni Shaoxing Chairman of Zhongrun Group

Three office buildings in the core business district of Lujiazui in Shanghai, the developer of the most expensive mansion in Beijing, Chang'an Villa One, a businessman in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, known as the Buffett of China's real estate industry. House D in Yucuiyuan, 604 square meters. Boss Ni should live in Tan Palace, a luxurious mansion of Jiujiantang level.


Li Shujun Trusted Capital Boss

Well-known private equity entrepreneur in Singapore. Maybach B62S is very handsome, the E-type of Yu Cuiyuan.

Wang Zhangxing, the owner of home decoration
A man of the Chinese furniture industry, Yucuiyuan E-type, and Tomson Yipin A high-rise area also has properties.
Zhou Jiancheng, boss of Metersbonwe

The owner is a bit low-key for the D apartment of Yu Cuiyuan.


Xu Chenhua, one of the five generals of Ma Huateng

Type D of Yucuiyuan, Tomson first product.


Chen Xiao Former General Manager of Gome Electric

Yu Cuiyuan 7 phase, too low-key! Mr. Chen must at least live in a F-type house.

Jet Li Kung Fu Superstar

The Huamu Lupin-shaped mansion covers an area of ​​at least 10 acres, with three independent villas covering at least 2000 square meters and a market value of 3 million.

Yao Ming Chinese Basketball Superstar

Big Yao, the Baijinwan Riverview Mansion, can be called the best view room with river views in Shanghai, but I don’t know whether the 3.3-meter-high Yao Daxia in Baijinwan can reach the ceiling.


Yuan Yafei Chairman of Sanpower Group

With a net worth of 2004 billion yuan, perhaps the nature of housing demand is different. In 47, he collected the old foreign-style house at No. 4 Yulin Road, Shanghai, covering an area of ​​2400 acres and a building area of ​​XNUMX square meters.


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