Who is the spouse? It is the person who sleeps next to you at night, your wife or husband. The biggest wind in the world is not a typhoon, but a pillow wind. A spouse is too important, and is the biggest key to success.

No matter how hard you work, more than 50% of your success in this life is in the hands of the person sleeping next to you. He (she) can do nothing, but can master more than 50% of your success, because he (She) can "hypnotize" you.

Most people did not succeed because they found someone who could destroy him. Similarly, half of those who are successful are because they have found a spouse who may inspire them. Your spouse is either here to destroy you or your motivator.

From day to night, from night to day, day after day, year after year, what he (she) expects of you, what he or she says to you, is transmitted to your brain through theta and alpha waves, deeply Printed in your subconscious, it will ultimately determine the success and failure of your life!

According to psychologists, the opinions of others are more important than our opinions of ourselves. The people who have the greatest influence on us are our parents for the first half of their lives and their spouses for the second half of their lives.

Some people say that it was Clinton who married Hillary Clinton before he became President of the United States? Or does Hillary have the vision to marry a Clinton who will become president afterwards? In fact, they have become the most suitable couples in American history under mutual influence.

Our spouse will decide our destiny, but the spouse is our own choice. Your success depends on your spouse. Your spouse is either helping you build better relationships or destroying your relationships; it doesn't tell you: "You are the best, and you can accomplish your dreams." It just tells you: "You don't deserve to have such a dream."

When it comes to this, some people may be depressed. Because he (she) said: "What is the use of you telling me now? I have been married a long time ago and have children. If my spouse is not the kind who can inspire me to help me, what should I do? Is it wrong to find another one?"

Readers who have this kind of confusion, please don't forget a very important thing: the law of attraction.

Everything is attracted to you, whether it is good or bad. The reason why your spouse chose to marry you at the beginning must be because you are excellent in his (her) mind. Otherwise, if he (she) knows that you are not good here and that bad, why would he decide to live with you forever?

Similarly, when you decide to marry him (her), you must also think that he (she) is very good, can let you use your abilities, can help you succeed, otherwise, how would you decide to He (she) will live forever?

In this way, at the beginning, he (she) could inspire you, and you could also inspire him (her). Why has it changed now? First of all, because you have changed, so he (she) has changed! How to do? Are you looking for another divorce? of course not!

Change yourself first and make yourself a positive person who knows how to appreciate and motivate your spouse. According to the principle of attraction, your spouse will gradually become just like you.

If you still don't know how to do it, here are two books recommended to you: "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and "The Five Languages ​​of Love".

I believe you know what to do. In short, your spouse is the first key to your success. You must let your spouse become your support rather than resistance.

Please remember: She (he) either helps you soar into the sky or knocks you to the ground. And it is you who decides what your spouse will do! Do you know what to do?

XNUMX. Partners
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When you give him shares, whether he is willing to take risks with you, there are many examples that can illustrate the importance of partners. Out of every 5 successful people, two will succeed because they found the right partner.

The world’s marketing god Jay Abraham once said: “If I want to abolish my martial arts, let me leave only one concept, and I will stay: working with others.”

Have you ever watched Mike Jordan's documentary on the Bulls? He can maintain 32 points per game. In addition to his own strength, he must rely on the cooperation of Pippen and Rodman to form the "Golden Triangle". Together with the ultimate coach Al Jackson, with their cooperation, talent Let the Bulls win three consecutive championships twice.

Bill Gates has been elected as the world's richest man for 10 consecutive years, but he has been entangled in lawsuits under the US antitrust law. Fortunately, he found Steve Barmer and asked him to keep Microsoft at its peak when Bill Gates settled the lawsuit.

Einstein was the smartest man in the 20th century. He also told us: "One atom can't produce any effect, but two atoms collide with each other to produce 13 tons of yellow explosives."

Therefore, finding a partner who can "hit" with you is the second key to your success. Who do you pair with can produce 13 tons of explosive power? Go find such a partner! Some people could not find such a partner, and some people thought they found it but soon broke up...

You must know how to partner and cooperate with others. If Liu Bei can't find Zhuge Liang, there will not be the best combination of monarchs and ministers in Chinese history. If you are eager to succeed, you must learn "how to cooperate with others", this is too important.

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