8 days 7 nights motorbike cruise from Melbourne to Sydney

First day Melbourne

As the "Cultural Capital of Australia", Melbourne is full of charm and vitality, with Chinese and Western cuisine, fashion shopping, retro trams, European style... Melbourne is bound to bring you many surprises. After the city tour, we will lead everyone to get the rental car and prepare for the trip.


Great Ocean Road

Starting from Melbourne, driving on the world-famous coastal landscape highway-Great Ocean Road, the 280-kilometer journey, it is difficult to express if you don't experience it personally.

When the wheel touched the Great Ocean Road. The excitement unfolds immediately. On the winding road between the mountains and the sea, every turn and acceleration is full of unparalleled riding fun, which will make you unforgettable for a lifetime.

There are many coastal towns scattered along the Great Ocean Road. You can relax, enjoy local gourmet coffee, and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The magnificent ocean, rolling forests and pastures, delicate and elegant coastal towns, Twelve Apostles Rock...

Cycling 282 kilometers on the day


Day Three Grand Benz National Forest Park

In the morning, continue westward to the end of the Great Ocean Road, and then drive northward, from the "mouth of hell" into the territory of the ancient Granbens National Forest Park.

This highland made of granite is a paradise for wild animals. It also has magnificent scenery and beautiful waterfalls. In the visitor center, we can get detailed information to ensure that all the beautiful scenery can be seen.

Cycling 240 kilometers on the day


Day XNUMX Gold Rush Tour

We will ride all the way east, in the hinterland of Victoria, this area used to be a gold rush at the end of the XNUMXth century, riding among the vast rolling hills, passing through ancient gold rush towns and settlements like Castlemaine, enjoying the ride I am relaxed and happy, and look forward to the next trip-crossing the Victorian Highlands.

Cycling 312 kilometers on the day


Traveling through the Victorian hinterland on the fifth day

In the undulating hinterland of Victoria, travel happily through forests and pastures, and stay in Bright, a beautiful ski resort mountain town.

Cycling 276 kilometers on the day


Crossing the snow mountain on the sixth day

The next part of the journey is to cross the snow-capped mountains and lakes, which will be the most fascinating and unforgettable cycling experience. Because, you will feel the beauty of the Australian Alps-on the winding Alpine forest path, facing the beautiful scenery that is blowing like the wind, while having fun, dining and resting in the picturesque mountain town .

Cycling 387 kilometers on the day


The seventh day between the mountains and the sea

From Cooma to the seaside town of Kiama, the terrain from high to low, leaving the forest, the pride of driving along the coast of the West Pacific, in the symphony of sea waves and pearl-like coastal towns, can be released to the fullest.

Cycling 339 kilometers on the day


Eighth day coast cruise

The last part of the itinerary is along the coastline of southern New South Wales to the famous Sydney. There are nearly 30 national parks along the way, sheltering numerous marine life and natural resources. We will also pass the famous sea along the way. Cliff Bridge, Grand Pacific Drive, a scenic highway close to the coast.

The day to the end of the Sydney city cruise.

Cycling 160 kilometers on the day