Traveling to the United States for multiple round trips in 10 years, tourism, business visas have already surprised everyone! Now there is more surprise news to go to the United States to have children!

A source close to the White House revealed that US President Barack Obama may announce 11 plans to reform US immigration policies as early as November 21 in an executive order, including the suspension of the deportation of millions of immigrants. Obama's plan will be included in a draft submitted by a US government agency. The source said that the announcement date may also be a few days later than the 10st, waiting for the final review by the White House. It is reported that before Obama went to Beijing to participate in the informal meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders, officials of the US Department of Homeland Security reported to Obama about the situation.

These 10 plans include strengthening border security and increasing the salary of immigration officials. One of the most controversial is the immigration policy. There will be millions of immigrants who will not be deported due to the "delayed repatriation" policy.

The plan calls for expanding the scope of deferred immigration to include those who arrived in the United States at an early age, as well as American citizens and legally permanent parents. It is estimated that the latter policy will allow 450 million illegal adult immigrants with children born in the United States to stay in the United States. Immigrants in the deferred deportation list will receive a work permit in the United States, a social security number, and a government-issued ID card.


One of the drafters of the plan, Esther Olavarria, was a senior immigration lawyer for the late Senator Ted Kennedy. To "boost morale," immigration and customs enforcement officials will raise their salaries. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security is also planning a new naturalization policy, which will provide a 1% discount to the first 200 naturalization applicants, except for those whose income is 50% above the poverty line. The State Department’s Immigrant Visa Program will provide a naturalization path for another XNUMX immigrants and their spouses. Other measures include the suspension of the "Safe Community Project."

Obama’s move comes at a time when immigration advocates urge Obama to act. In addition, Congressional Democrats also called on Obama to take administrative action on the 12th. Obama vowed to take action without a Congressional resolution.

"We implore the President to act. These illegal immigrants will increase our nationals." Congressman Juan Vargas said. Democrat Hoyer also said: “The president needs to eliminate the pain of immigrant families, who are separated from each other and live in fear.”

However, Senator Jeff Sessions recently stated in an op-ed that Congress will use financial power to stop Obama from taking administrative actions. He said: “Congress controls the wallet. Without Congress’s appropriation, the President can’t spend a penny.” The use of financial power to counter Obama’s actions has made Obama’s plan to close the Guantanamo prison ruined in the past.

As the struggle between Congress and the White House continues to escalate, Arizona Republican Matt Salmon drafted a letter with the signatures of multiple Republicans calling for Obama’s immigration policy to be blocked in the upcoming spending bill. To take unilateral action, and this letter will be announced on the 13th. Salmon said that Congress needs to use financial power to defend its right to speak on immigration policy.

I had already gone to the United States to have children in full swing, but I don’t know if this caused a raging wave again?

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