XNUMX. Is it useful?

Please see the survey results of the Central Academy of Educational Sciences:

"We surveyed 3300 college entrance examination champions since the resumption of the college entrance examination, and none of them became industry leaders" (see "Shanghai Education" 2011, Issue 12A, page 34).

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Not only that, they also have another survey result:

This shows what?

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Fact XNUMX: Does the work of a scientist belong to an industry? If they belong, it means that the top scholars in the college entrance examination have not become first-class scientists.

Fact XNUMX: The achievements of scientists have a certain relationship with school education-how big is the "certain relationship"? Strong positive correlation, weak positive correlation, and different levels of scientists have different degrees of positive correlation? We all know that Einstein's grades were not very good when he was studying, and there are many such examples.

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Comprehensive conclusion: Professor Yuan Zhenguo, Dean of the Central Academy of Educational Sciences, believes: "Innovation is not based on education at all." Please note: "Education" here refers to "China's education since the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977 until June 2011."

What happened to the education of these decades? Why can't we cultivate innovative talents?

Mr. Cheng Hongbing from the Shanghai Pudong District Education Development Research Institute said: "The reason for this phenomenon is that there are major mistakes in this stage of education, that is, there is no room for students to develop freely... This stage of education is based on filling education. The basic characteristic is that due to the huge employment pressure, the students should spare no effort to spend all their time in preparation for further studies. Therefore, the teacher is responsible for filling all the students’ study time at school. The students’ home time such as weekends is basically Parents are responsible for filling up. This is not only caused by education, but more importantly by society."

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It can be seen that the exam-oriented education devil released by the whole society is a felon of stifling innovative talents!

30. The tragic end of more than 1000 college entrance examination champions in XNUMX years

Relevant Chinese institutions have conducted a follow-up survey of more than 1977 "college entrance examination champions" in China from 2006 to 30. The survey results show that so many once enviable college entrance examination champions, none of them have become top talents. They are now living ordinary lives, and their professional achievements are far below social expectations.

The author analyzed the reasons.

First of all, they have become the top names in the college entrance examination. They are only the "champions" in the exam-oriented education. It can only show that their learning ability, memory ability, and learning plan are strong, but they have not received much reflection in terms of practical ability or innovative ability. . In other words, the college entrance examination only reflects the students' ability to learn to take the test to a limited extent, and the ability to take the test cannot measure a person's ability to develop in other areas.

Secondly, the college entrance examination champions like to pursue perfection and perfection in learning knowledge, and to overemphasize scores in examinations, so that their thinking is in a rigid neurotic mode. This kind of thinking is reflected in their future work. They only value the rote memorization of dead book knowledge too much, and they regard learning ready-made knowledge as a kind of enjoyment, and they are relatively indifferent to others, and this kind of thinking has a serious impact When it comes to their career development.

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Third, many college entrance examination champions are often able to rigorously complete the instructions from above, and often lack their own unique insights when completing tasks. This kind of thinking is a repetition of ready-made test questions from test-oriented education and want to get perfect answers.

Fourth, the college entrance examination champions only achieved temporary success in the exam, but they often take this success as the pride of their lives. Excessive review of the past, but lost the motivation to work for a higher goal in the future.

Fifth, the family backgrounds of the college entrance examination champions are often not ideal. They have no distractions in their studies and dream of getting rid of some kind of predicament. Once the ideal is achieved, but it is trapped in the dilemma of no goal, and no more ideal guidance from family and society in employment, as a result, many people are resigned to their fate.

XNUMX. Our reflection: what a school can see is the campus, but what is invisible is the common values ​​and the behavior of teachers and students

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The well-known scientist Qian Xuesen often said that the reason why he has made such achievements in science was due to the fact that he not only studied science but also art, and cultivated all-round qualities when he was a child, so he opened up his mind. While studying and working at the California Institute of Technology, Qian Xuesen, in addition to participating in the American Physical Society, American Aeronautical Society, and American Society of Mechanics, also participated in the American Association of Arts and Sciences. He has repeatedly sighed: "When I encounter difficulties with a job and I am puzzled, it is often the singing of my wife Jiang Ying that makes me suddenly enlightened and get enlightenment." Ideas come from talking to artists."

Yes, science and art are always linked together, just as Qian Lao said, "The poetic and artistic expression and deep understanding of life contained in these arts enrich people's understanding of the world and learn the broad ways of thinking about art. . In other words, it is precisely because of the influence of these artistic aspects that I can avoid reluctance, avoid mechanical materialism, and think that the problem can be wider and livelier."

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Several successful learners also have one thing in common: their favorite thing is reading. Reading makes people wise. In the library of an elementary school in California, I once saw this slogan: The more you read, the more you know; the more you know, the smarter you become; the smarter you are, the more you express When thinking, your voice is stronger. I always believe that reading is the wisdom to cultivate the heart. Plant peach, plum, spring breeze; plant flowers, grass, and soul. School is a cultural place. If you can cultivate the good habit of reading, it will be used for life.

Finally, I still want to say those old sayings: Although exam-oriented education can produce first-class technical talents, it cannot cultivate a true scientific spirit and cannot create a genius for creating the future. Knowledge is not as good as ability, and ability is not as good as quality. When students leave school, they take away not only knowledge, but more importantly, the pursuit of ideals. Schools should allow children to show their nature, have opportunities to express their wisdom, take root in their studies, and realize their dreams through hard work. What a school can see is the campus, but what cannot be seen are the common values ​​and the behavior of teachers and students. School culture is an invisible hand, training students to start from emotions rather than knowledge.

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