She used to be the most "no sing-song" member of the Spice Girls, but in her new career, a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham has never made a mistake.

Not long ago, she was just named the most successful entrepreneur in the UK. Because her business empire has expanded so quickly, her husband who plays football has eclipsed her. The Beckham family has 2.1 million US dollars of fortune, of which 1 million is contributed by Victoria. Some analysts believe that, especially now that Beckham has ended his playing career, Victoria's income should surpass Beckham.

Her efforts can be seen from the annual income of the Victoria Company. VB has grown from £10 million to £100 million in less than 3000 years. The staff ranges from 3 to 100 people. With the recent opening of a retail store in Mayfair, these numbers will continue to grow rapidly. Their other outlet plans to open in New York next year.

Victoria's clothes and accessories are never cheap. A bag costs US$1.8 (although these are not comparable to her private collection of £13). Her celebrity fans, like Kate Winslet, Beyoncé, Sarah-Jessica Parker, have also inadvertently helped the VB brand make a good advertisement.

So how did Victoria become the queen of the wives and become an influential business woman in the UK?

Entertainment: The Spice is not her black history

Her singing career in Spice Girls has become a distant memory. But so far she has sold 1 million records. Last year, she earned 75 pounds in royalties from this combination she was considered "unable to sing". In addition, her autobiography "Learn to Fly" published in 2001 and two other fashion style books helped her earn at least 100 million pounds. In 2007, Victoria earned another £1000 million from the reunion tour. In the same year, reality TV shows also gave her a six-figure salary.

Advertising and endorsement: advertising costs only a few million pounds

When it comes to the improvement of the product's image, whether it is their own or someone else's, it is seldom that they have the influence of the Bayes couple. In 2009, Victoria signed a 1 million pound contract with Armani. Two years later, he advertised a bag brand in Japan at a price of 1200 million. The designer of this brand was Samantha Thavasa. She has also participated in the design of the Land Rover Range Rover limited edition, which was rewarded with 100 figures.

Fashion: impressive skirts

Victoria’s fashion business reached 3000 million pounds last year, with an estimated net profit of 300 million pounds, almost double the previous year. Business analysts predict that in 2019, her company will be worth 2 million pounds. Part of her fashion career can also be attributed to the blessings of first-line big coffee. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Dockery, Amanda Holden, Coleen Rooney and Rosamund Pike all chose Victorian dresses to attend the grand scene. At the same time, Victoria herself has become a live advertisement for her brand.

Compared with a conspicuously expensive high-end ready-to-wear conference, for Victoria, VB's things are more close to the people. A series of jeans, sunglasses, bags and shoes, keychains cost only from 150 to 485 pounds, and these can only be bought in stores in Mayfair.

Property: Pretty house

The couple also have a sizeable real estate investment portfolio (£2500 million is half of Victoria's equity). They spent £3000 million selling a 4-story mansion in Kensington, west of London, and a 5-bedroom house in Beverly Hills. They were also reported to have a secluded beach on Koh Samui, Thailand, and a winery in Napa Valley that David gave to Victoria as a gift.

The Beckham family said they had just bought a large villa in Notting Hill House. It is planned to turn the mansion in Pembridge Square into a house large enough to hold Victoria's current fashion empire in Battersea and the new career of David Football after his retirement.

Brand: the "taste" of success

The VB brand that represents them attracts more than 100 million pounds a year, and the most prominent joint product is perfume. Since 2005, VB has developed 24 perfumes, 6 for women and 18 for men. Then they made a lucrative deal with perfume factory Coty. Now VB has reduced perfumes to six: Men's Classic, The Essence, Instinct, and Homme, while Signature and Intimately can be used by both men and women.

Art: Yes, she can be Hirst

Victoria pays great attention to modern art, and half of VB’s shares are estimated to have a collection of 3000 million pounds, including artworks by Damien Hirst, Tracy Amy, Banks and the Chapman Brothers. Most of these art varieties are based on the theme of "love". In 2012, Victoria also asked Hirst to make Daddy's Girl, a 7-inch heart-shaped canvas with butterflies painted on it, as Xiao Qi's first birthday. It is said that this artwork is worth 60 pounds.

Ornaments and jewelry: 13 wedding rings and 100 bags

Victoria likes the good things in life. She is also a believer in Hermes Birkin bags, with about 100 Hermes bags. The total value of these collections amounts to 1500 million pounds. Among these expensive bags, the "Silver Himalayan" with a 3 carat diamond on the lock that David gave was no less than 8 pounds.

Victoria also owns a rare Birkin bag made of crocodile skin and golden metal. In 2011, this bag set the world's most expensive auction record for a single bag, at £12.9.

Victoria has a collection of 380 million pounds of jewelry, including no less than 13 wedding rings. The one with a huge heart-shaped diamond is at least £100 million.

Since the end of his football career, David admitted that he felt nothing to do. Instead, his wife told her friends that she felt that having her growing empire is very fulfilling.

Beckham still cooperates with H&M and endorses some companies, such as Adidas, Breitling and Sky Sports, but due to declining revenue, his wife will soon surpass him.