The day after tomorrow will be the famous Melbourne Jockey Club in Australia. Today, today, Sydney will give you a collection of interesting facts about the Melbourne Cup Jockey Club. Why is the Melbourne Cup Jockey Club, which has a history of more than 150 years, called a unique "event that makes all Australia hold its breath"? Why is a jockey club one of the most important social and cultural events for Australians? This goes back to the origin of the Melbourne Cup and the anecdotes that happened in the middle.

"A pair of legs that made people across the country hold their breath"

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Today's Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Festival, fashion is as important as horse racing, and even worse. On the day of the Melbourne Cup, a fashion competition will be held to select the most special and fashionable lady in dress (mainly looking at hats, of course).

But in 1965, there was a "fashion scandal" at Melbourne's Spring Horse Racing Festival. At that time, the British supermodel Jean Shrimpton, who was invited to enter the racecourse, did not wear a hat, gloves, or even stockings when he entered the VIP seats! What stunned the Australians at that time most was that she was actually wearing a "short dress with a skirt 5 inches from the knee"!

It is said that the noisy VIP seats at the time became silent, and for the first time in the history of the Melbourne Cup in 104 years, the newspaper did not show the news of horse racing on the front page, but posted a big photo of the supermodel wearing a mini skirt. , And accompanied by the headline "A pair of legs that make the whole country hold their breath".

From "local tyrant" to gentleman

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The Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Festival, held on the first Tuesday of November every year, was born in 11. Although the city of Melbourne was only established for more than 1861 years at that time, due to the discovery of gold mines, it has developed into a prosperous metropolis with feasting and feasting. The “local tyrants” who became rich overnight because of the gold rush were everywhere. What is precious is that Melburnians are not satisfied with only bulging pockets, but have begun to devote themselves to the construction of an urban culture. The elegant Prince’s Bridge that spans the Yarra River in the city centre was completed in 20. The dignified and majestic Gothic St. Patrick’s Church was also started in 1840. The famous University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne were also built in 1850. Established in 1850 and 1853.

In this case, horse racing, a sport and social activity that the gentleman class loves, has also quietly emerged in Australia, and the Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Festival has also emerged. 153 years have passed, and now the Melbourne Cup Race Festival is one of the most important events on the social calendar of Melburnians who are proud of their culture. On this day, the men put on their best suits, the ladies all dressed up, and then put on carefully selected hats, "gentlemen and ladies" constitute the most beautiful scenery of the racing season.

Eye-catching big brim hat and the biggest party of the year

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People who have watched the American music film "The Fair Lady" will definitely be impressed by the black and white dress worn by Audrey Hepburn and the overwhelmingly overwhelming hat with flowers and feathers. In the movie, she wore this costume to watch a horse race.

Horse racing was initially an activity of the upper class, making watching horse racing a good opportunity for everyone to show off their wealth. At that time, hats were indispensable fashion accessories, so the horse racing festival became an occasion for spectators to make a big fuss about hats.

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Although hats are no longer a part of fashion, the tradition of wearing hats at horse racing festivals has been preserved, and there are more modern developments. But this is no longer a show off of wealth, but a competition for fashion taste and innovation.

For most Australians who are eager to watch horse races, this day and even the entire spring horse racing festival is a big happy party. It is the best opportunity to have a picnic, drink and enjoy the outdoor sunshine with family and friends. It is also a fancy dress. , Or the best excuse to dress up. The horse racing festival for Australians has far surpassed the horse racing itself, and more importantly, the feeling of excitement and festival.

World-class horse racing event

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The Melbourne Cup Jockey Club is famous all over the world for its high prize money. The 2014 Melbourne Cup prize money (awarded to the top 10) totaled more than 620 million Australian dollars, of which the championship prize was more than 360 million Australian dollars, plus the valuable golden trophy.

The Melbourne Cup now attracts a large number of jockeys and their horses from all over the world to participate in the competition. It is a world-class horse racing event.

Not only that, this event also brought huge economic benefits to Melbourne. According to statistics from the Victorian Government, last year the Melbourne Cup attracted 26 tourists from home and abroad, and injected 1.55 million Australian dollars into Mexico’s economy. Compared with the prize of £1861 and a gold watch in the first Melbourne Cup in 710, today's Melbourne Cup Horse Festival can be regarded as a world-class masterpiece.

Australia's legendary horse racing

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Melburnians love the Melbourne Cup horse racing so much, even during World War I and World War II, when other sports competitions and cultural festivals have been halted, the Melbourne Cup is still held regularly.

Not only that, in the 1930s of the Great Depression, a "horse of God" brought inspiration and hope to everyone, this is the famous Phar Lap (Phar Lap).

This red horse, born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, won 1929 championships in major Australian horse racing events including the Melbourne Cup in the three years from 1932 to his sudden and mysterious death in 23. This invincible steed allowed people who were struggling in the Great Depression to temporarily forget their pain and bring them encouragement and hope.

After his death, his autopsy also confirmed that this horse is indeed different: its heart weighs 6.2 kg, while the heart of an ordinary horse generally weighs about 3.2 kg.

Another legendary horse in the history of the Melbourne Cup is MakybeDiva. Its experience of winning three championships from 2003 to 2005 is regarded as a "miracle" in horse racing. When he won the championship for the third time in 2007, an on-site commentator said: “Now hurry up and find the youngest child on the racetrack, because maybe only he will have the opportunity to witness such a miracle again in his lifetime.”

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