So shocked! After the nun and the monk became pregnant, the monk refused to admit that the nun committed suicide. According to the Chongqing Morning Post, a 39-year-old nun accused a 58-year-old monk of making her pregnant, saying that he was pregnant with his three-month-old child. But the other party said, who knows who the child is. As a result, the nun committed suicide in a hurry and was taken to the hospital... Nearby residents said that the monk had always misbehaved, eating meat and drinking everything, and was a "flower monk".

Commentary record:

The paramedics fixed a woman on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. When she returned to the scene of the incident, the woman's slippers were left on the ground. The 39-year-old woman surnamed Guo pointed directly to a 58-year-old monk surnamed Liu. I was pregnant and told the monk that I was pregnant with your three-month-old child, and you are responsible. But the monk surnamed Liu actually replied that I don’t know who the child is. The woman surnamed Guo was so angry that she jumped downstairs, causing an open fracture of her left foot to be hospitalized.

Monk: She has habits.

Reporter: Cut the wrist.

Monk: Take the wine bottle, this action, this is what I know, it is often such a situation.

Commentary: Although the monk said that the woman herself had mental problems, he did not have a clear answer whether she was pregnant.

Reporter: She said she has a child who is pregnant with you.

Monk: I don't know now, she just said that, then we are in broad daylight today.

Reporter: Did you have any emotional entanglements with her before?

Monk: No, no, but I often visit her.

Commentary: Although the monk surnamed Liu has been a monk for 14 years and has a law called Chang Yuan, his behavior is constantly controversial.

Neighbor: The flower monk, the flower monk, it’s easier to say this, drinking, drinking with others in Shimen Mountain.

Commentary: The neighbor also said that this monk usually drinks, eats meat, chews betel nut, and even spit betel nut juice. After the store discouraged him, he quoted Buddhist scriptures to preach, which was dumbfounded. There are more than a dozen dogs raised next to the restaurant, and they often run out to bite tourists, causing everyone to be troubled. Now they are suspected of having an intimate relationship with a woman, which may only cause more controversy.

Netizens vomit:

@海深不蓝灬: The world is so big, there are no surprises!

@DJ麻凯: The amount of information is a bit big!

@王玉敏3: If there were any Liangshan heroes, you would have fallen to the ground! You would have tarnished the reputation of Buddhism!

@啊菜ccc: The single dog silently left tears

@无脸你的千寻呢: If you can't stop the emotions and desires, why do you want to become a monk? . People who are dozens of years old...

@夜深沉夜憔憔: The flurry of demons insults Buddhism!

@学警王波: The meat and wine have passed through the intestines, and the Buddha stayed in his heart.

Editor's summary: From ancient times to the present, when entering Buddhism, you must have six pure roots. Greed, hatred, hatred, love and evil are taboos in Buddhism. Of course, there are also ancient myths of wine and meat passing through the heart of the Buddha, but lust has always been the biggest taboo in Buddhism. The behavior of monks and nuns naturally insulted Buddhism and cleared the precepts, but Tang Seng was also tempted, right? From the perspective of respecting human rights in modern times, desire is also a part of life. The suppression of precepts can only cast the tragedy of life. At the same time, it is also a way of life for the monk's cowardice. Living without the person in charge of Buddhism is also a way of life. Sisters: What do you think about this? What do you think of the Six Precepts of Buddhism? Do you support monks leaving Buddhism to pursue their own lifestyle? (Not original news)