"When you realize how precious life is, you will cherish your life especially, but the best way to cherish your life is not to maintain your health, but to toss yourself and burn your life vividly..."

The more people grow up, the more they cherish their lives, they begin to accept peace in the "belief" that is true, and they "protect" their lives. They no longer have to toss, and their lives begin to be "poetic" like Paris. But a poetic life is more suitable for the twilight years. Young people should be as realistic as New York, and they should be tossed and live a wonderful and full life in a limited time. Live up to only one life.

Toss at work is a respect for dreams


In the world, there are two kinds of people who succeed, one is a fool, and the other is a lunatic. The highest level of fools at work is to keep their jobs safe, they are afraid of challenges, and fear of pressure; "lunatics" strive to toss at work, burn their enthusiasm to challenge, experience the temperature and thickness of work, and are in toss Progress, realize dreams in progress.

Don’t go out to toss, you have a chance to play with a negative life


The mottled and picturesque scenery is the generosity of nature to humans, and going out is the expectation of life for life. How many landscapes in your world remain in the light and shadows and descriptions of others? You will get old if you don't toss about it. Some scenery may really not be able to be experienced with your own eyes.

Don't toss in life, what memories


The little bit of young life constitutes a youth memorial book, which is the memory of the time when tossing still. While young, take advantage of the moment, don’t be alone in your own world after work, spend more time with your family, see friends more, occasionally drink a little wine, or party at night, it doesn’t matter, cherish the time you can be together, and make more Memories.

If the distance attracts you, then go toss


The most precious thing of a person is life. Life belongs to a person only once. In the same time, if you experience more than others, you have more. Take advantage of your youth, taking advantage of your time and body to allow you to walk: Please cherish your chance to play, if the unknown freshness attracts you, then go for it.

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