The author says the founder for a gift

I am a CEO born in 93. In the eyes of many people, I am just a child who has not graduated. Every time I visit other Internet companies or investment institutions, I am regarded by the front desk as an interview.

Although I am only 21 years old this year, I have actually had four years of entrepreneurial experience, and it is almost two years since I set foot on the mobile Internet. The product I am currently working on is called Gifts, which is a vertical shopping guide app. It has 4 million users within 3 months of launching. The activity and transaction flow are good, and the company has successfully won the A round. But even with such good results, when communicating with others, I often can’t say it, and I feel blushing, because the start-ups reported in the technology media are much more "brilliant" than us!

At first I believed that was the case, but then as I became more and more immersed in the industry, I realized that the chaos was so unimaginable! Although I usually talk about these things privately with other entrepreneurial friends, I have seen some nonsense news recently, which really made me intolerable, so I decided to go out and talk about it publicly!

1. Exaggerating the financing amount by three times is nothing at all!

Today's Internet startups like to exaggerate the amount of financing. The most common way is to say that the renminbi is US dollars. It is only 1000 million yuan. When you say it, it becomes 1000 million US dollars. The amount is instantly increased by 6 times! Those who are a little more ethical will also report 5 times, 4 times, and 3 times. The key is to see if the final numbers are not beautiful and look uncomfortable.

I can understand that everyone exaggerating the data is nothing more than to "pick up the ladder", snipe opponents, and scare away potential competitors who are ready to move. Moreover, a large number is also good for the number of clicks on the article, not only for eyeballs, but also easy to be reprinted by major media. It is not only a free public relations activity, but also convenient for recruiting people and fooling customers and users. It is simply profitable and harmless!

However, when the technology media releases financing news, it does not conduct data authenticity investigations. Is this really good? I dropped out of college until my sophomore year. I read less, so don’t lie to me, uncles and aunts. Anyone who knows a little about journalism knows that news authenticity means that every specific fact in a news report must conform to objective reality, that is, the time, place, person, event, reason, and history of the news report. Can stand the check.

Bad money goes for good money. Uncles and aunts blow like this. How can we children who report real numbers be embarrassed to report data? A report becomes that we have less financing, small scale, and we are low! But in fact everyone's real numbers may be about the same, or even far worse than mine! Is this to teach me the rhythm of fraud?

In this way, the industry bubble is actually not that big. Those teams that have just launched and don't even have 10 users dare to say that they have raised tens of millions of dollars in financing. Isn't this bragging? Maybe bubbles don't exist at all, and if they exist, they are just on the lips of uncles and aunts!

2. Falsification of the number of users and transaction amount

Since the amount of financing can be falsely reported, the fraud in the number of users is not unexpected. A handful of products that have been online for 100 days and 7000 million users have been picked up by a technology media. Damn, there are only so many people in China. 7000 million people can drown you when you pee. You are so embarrassed to say that you have so many users! How many zeros are there in 7000 million? How do you let us good children who work hard as users live?

Even if the number of users is fraudulent, the flow of my sister is also fraudulent! In the e-commerce industry, as long as an order is created, everything is counted as a turnover. Now even O2O companies do this. Not long ago, a certain driving O2O project was too awesome, boasting that it could generate 2014 billion yuan in revenue for 4 drivers in 10. What is this concept? This is equivalent to a 4-person company giving each employee a monthly salary of 2000 yuan and it can be paid for a full year! Isn't this lying? Anyway, I don't know, I can only say haha.

Basically, the fraudulent methods of various "elite" startup companies are nothing more than the following:

√ The number of downloads is reported as the number of users (anyway, the number of downloads is much cheaper)

√ Directly find the fake company to scan the number of active users, active users and retained users (a certain period app is made by this, except for Google statistics)

√ Buy through the media and third-party consulting companies, and if there are more people talking about it, it becomes true (a certain menstrual app made its fortune through this)

√ The number of downloads when the version is updated is also considered the number of users

√ How to get the data anyway

So how to judge whether the data of a product is fraudulent? Share the following tips:

√ If the app provides Weibo login, go to Weibo and search for its binding amount to estimate the total amount;

√ Go to App Annie to view the historical ranking of the app;

√ Go to the app store to see the evaluation and see how many are real;

√ See how many people actively recommend on Weibo's Moments;

√ Look for Google statistics, not other platforms that can be faked, and not the company's own backend.

3. Concepts such as cloud, O2O, last mile, big data are flying all over the sky

In recent years, there are more and more entrepreneurs who like to talk about models and concepts. It seems that if you don't say these, they will be regarded as laymen (hehe, there are so many experts on the subway). However, in fact, everyone who talks about various modes as soon as they come on stage is basically fooling, for example: "Hello everyone, we are an O2O company that relies on big data to solve the last-mile delivery problem? "Blow, you know you are blowing. If you don’t understand the demand, the scene is not clear, or even the name of the product, you know it!

Obviously it is a more suitable product for PGC, and you must have some UGC on life and death. In addition, no matter what you do, you have to rely on social interaction, as if you have a community, you must be sticky.

In addition, copy whatever you have abroad. I copied Pinterest a few years ago. Are you alive now? Copy Snapchat, Taptalk, Tinder, Tumblr? How can you keep making mistakes without learning from the past?

4. Treat small innovations in traditional industries as subversion

The three points mentioned above are very annoying, but I am the most annoying about this recently. How short of topics and hot spots are there in the technology media? I run all day long to interview some people who are obviously doing traditional business, such as rice noodles, pancakes, and juices. Which industry has no innovation? Swiping the rankings in Dianping, and posting soft articles to tell stories has become a subversion of the original industry. Don’t you feel ashamed when you’re bragging?

Speaking of a certain pancake shop that has Internet thinking and can subvert the industry, I went to Nima for a meal, and when I paid the bill, I said that it only accepts cash! Is this kidding me? I thought you would at least have a WeChat payment or other pretense, but I didn't expect to even use a credit card! If Internet thinking is bragging, well, your Internet thinking is really good.

5. Summary

Uncles and aunts, kids, I have just started my business, and I haven't been deeply involved in the world. I really don't understand why I should lie. Investors can speculate, how can entrepreneurs speculate?

Investors can cash out and leave by selling you to the next person. For entrepreneurs, this is at least five years of your youth! How many five years in life can we do a career? Less exaggeration, less lying, if the project doesn't work, it's better to change direction, why brag and fake it?

People live to accomplish a career, and careers must be done down-to-earth. It's good to feel airy, but you can get a good night's sleep by being a down-to-earth person!

Friends Pang, in the middle of the night, hold up your thin or thick fingers... Poke the screen of your phone, and report the number of fraudulent financing cases you know to the Huxi WeChat background~